Reflections on Springtime with True Parents

 FFWPU USA: True Mother’s recent visit to America from May 22-30, 2015 was a celebration and a blessing. Unificationists gathered in New York to celebrate the completion of her European visit, and to memorialize 1,000 days since True Father’s ascension to the spirit world. In Las Vegas, True Mother sanctified and officially opened the International Peace Education Center (IPEC). Thousands greeted her in person, and many more watched through live broadcast all around the country. The videos of True Mother’s messages with English translation are available below. True Mother’s presence and her words brought hope and comfort to many. Below are just a few reflections from participants. They express the sentiments of gratitude we all feel for True Parents.



  • “I can’t believe that 1,000 days already passed since Father passed. I will try my best to witness,  to tell everybody about True Parents all around me, and make True Mother happy.” – Masako Dunn
  • “True Mother is so very awesome. what a powerful, crystal clear and heartistic message. speaking of God’s love for humankind, True Parent’s foundation to liberate our Heavenly Parent, declaring the victory will absolutely be reached, and encouraging us to see our responsibility as a blessing. I want to inherit her message so I can give it to my brothers and sisters when they visit me this summer from Germany. I am so grateful that I could listen to it live. Thanks Media Team for making it possible and work so well.” –Irmgard Baynes
  • “Two goals we heard that need our focus are: to liberate and bless our ancestors to God’s side and to work for US to fulfill its responsibility to reunite the Korean peninsula.” – Dan & Mary Eston
  • “After 1000 days, there are many experiences that encourage us to follow in your footsteps. We promise to never give up. True Father, we will love you forever . Aju.” – Cyrick Muyumba
  • “Thank you so much True Parents! It was a blessing and honor to watch and be part of this victorious and historical occasion celebrating 1,000 days since our beloved True Father’s ascension.” – Dorothy Hill
  • My husband and I were inspired by this program. True Parents are working so hard, and True Mother surely continues True Father’s legacy here on Earth. We will do our best to support them, and we pray for success in providential work worldwide! – Janice Asaoka
  • “It is so easy to absolutely love the only begotten daughter of God more and more everyday! How can other people be missing this?! We have so much work to do, as True Mother said. We have to try to keep healthy minds, heart, spirit and bodies to keep up with her (just amazing!) to honor our True Parents. She, they, are definitely eternally unique. OG Mansei for TM!” – MG Tomasini
  • “Listening to our True Mother’s words of wisdom and encouragement, makes me feel reassured of the way our Heavenly Parent and True Parents are conducting God’s Providence today and will continue doing so forever. Thank you True Mother, that despite going through so much pain and shedding so many tears, you still have love and hope to pour upon us!!! We love you.” – Helena Moreno
  • “First of all I would like to thank Heaven Parent for His direction in my life to meet this movement. Watching and listening to this event made me think of who I was before, who I am now, and what I should do to make a legacy in my life. To follow True Parents is an honor but how can I give them honor? To give them my commitment once again provoked my heart and mind in today’s event. Thank you for the organizing team and thank you True Mother as you stand strong to continue what True Father started. Truly I believed husband and wife should be united on earth so that no matter what both can fulfill the will of heaven, even while one is already in the spiritual world. Thank you very much. I’m hoping as Americans we can fulfill our role in building God’s kingdom and influence the world in a Godly way.” – Gloria Laurent
  • “Larry and I send our love and gratitude to True Parents and our Heavenly Parent. And so much thanks for pushing us all forward, never giving up on us, always believing in us, even when we have difficulty believing in ourselves, and never leaving our side. The program was beautiful and inspiring. I’m celebrating my birthday today. The best I’ve ever had! And thank you True Mother for sending that amazing beautiful White Moth with the furry collar to visit me. I have never seen a more beautiful moth. It lingered on our front door for a whole day. A great birthday present.” – Mary Ann Schaffer-Wigton
  • “Awesome speech by True Mother who very clearly clarified the providence of God and set the tone and direction of our continuing efforts. Her heartfelt dedication and love will be an inspiration to us all.  Thank you True Mother! We love you!” – Rickey and Janis Schnorr

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