Peace Road Launching in Cameroon

FFWPU Cameroon: The Peace Road in Cameroon took place in Yaoundé, the capital of the nation on June 8, 2015 with 121 participants under the theme: « Peace is not a word; it is a way of life! Let us carry out actions that bring peace in the world, in Africa, in our nation and within our families ».

The Launching took place in front of the National Football Stadium at 9.00 a.m. Imam El Hadj Ibrahima offered a prayer. National Leader Mrs. Lau Asong, who made the Declaration for the Launching, then gave a speech explaining the meaning of the event. The gathering included some high religious leaders, Ambassadors for Peace, a state attorney, parliamentarians, civil servants, teachers, students and people from different fields.

The march covered a distance of about 7 km in the main, crowded and congested areas of Yaoundé town.

We ended at the monument of a famous Cameroonian hero, Charles Atangana, at 10.30 a.m. with a victory celebration and congratulations for one another.

A very impressive statement was made by some VIPs, aged people who accepted the idea of marching instead of riding in their cars. Also, in Yaoundé, it is very difficult to walk during rush hour. The traffic jam is horrible (especially on Mondays)! Yet, everything went very smoothly. Besides, Cameroon is going through crises, conflicts from terrorist attacks by Boko Haram. Thus, our Peace march was warmly welcomed.

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