Peace Road Launching in Bolivia

Bolivian Peace Road team departed from Brno, a city near Peruvian border, at 3am on June 3rd, 2015.

It was a clear and sunny day and there were more than 200 young people and Ambassador for Peace participated at the launching ceremony, with Bicycles and all kinds of instruments. Around 9:30 am, with the cooperate of police, ambulance and fire trucks, the team passed by the Alto area going towards to Plaza San Francisco, Central La Paz, and to presidents palace.

At the Plaza San Francisco soldiers and youngest congresswoman (19 years old) participated at the event and sign the Peace Road Banner. We also had a performance by a music group called “Lion”.

Then we marched from the Plaza to the President Palace, with a deep prayer and wish for the reunification of South and North Korea, while holding the Peace Road Flags in our hands. See more

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