Peace Road 2015 in Zimbabwe

FFWPU Zimbabwe: On June 20 FFWPU and UPF Zimbabwe together with the Zimbabwe United Nations Association ( ZUNA) had selected children from ten schools and some of their teachers to take part in Peace Road. We had arranged for fifteen police officers to escort them from Harare City town House.

165 participants gather for the launching. The Zimbabwe government doesn’t allow any public gatherings because of the difficult political situation. Our Ambassadors for peace stayed away for that reason. We had to have police clearance for this march but still on the day of the march there were plain clothes policemen and central intelligence asking us questions before and after the march. Once they were satisfied, they left us alone so that the march was indeed a success.

For the Media Coverage: The day before the event we appeared on national TV Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) and explained True Father’s vision for peace and the peace projects initiated by True Father and about the forthcoming 3rd anniversary of his ascension. We explained about Peace Road 2015 and that we wanted to march to bring attention to the world about True Father’s achievements.

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