Peace Road 2015 in Zambia

FFWPU Zambia, by Fabrice Djimadoum: The Peace Road march in Zambia took place on June 27, 2015 in Lusaka. It was launched at around 9:00 am from Makeni Mall up to Peace Embassy, about 5 km of march. Among some 200 participants, were the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport, Hon. Ronald Chitotela, East Africa Regional President, Rev. Bakary Camara, UPF Zambia Chairman, Gen. Malimba Nathaniel Masheke, UPF Secretary General, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, FFWPU members, Ambassadors for Peace, YFWP, WFWP, Clergymen, students and people from different fields.

The program started with Zambia national Anthem which followed by an opening prayer. Four short speeches were given by UPF Secretary General, UPF Chairman, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport and finally by Ambassador Godfrey Simasiku, former Ambassador of Zambia in Japan and on behalf of Ambassadors for Peace. In their speeches, they urged Zambia to remain united as the motto “One Zambia Nation”. They also emphasized on the lasting peace in Zambia, in Africa and around the world. Finally, the deputy urged to use the “language of Love” as the way to promote Peace.

The march started off from Makeni Mall around 9:30 am with flags and it finished at Peace Embassy ground with the support of traffic police, an ambulance for emergency was provided and a Musical Band from the United Church of Zambia.

At the Peace Embassy, the deputy minister thanked the organizer of the event and assured that the government will always support organizations which fighting for peace in Zambia and around the world. He was awarded as Ambassador for Peace and promise to support to the idea of Peace of Rev. Moon.

The event was covered and broadcasted by Zambia national broadcasting corporation (ZNBC TV).

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