Peace Road 2015 in Poland

FFWPU Poland: FFWPU and UPF organized Peace Road 2015 Gdańsk city in north Poland, on June 21 2015, with the theme „No more war, no more communism”.

Gdańsk is the place where Second World War began in 1939 and also is the place to end of communism in Europe due to Solidarity Movement in 1980. Gdańsk is also the place where people of different religions and nationalities lived together.

The event launched in the place which commemorates the first victims of the Second World War – Polish postmen in Gdańsk. We prayed, listened to the True Parents’ speech, we placed flowers and lit candles there.

After that we marched to the monument which commemorates victims of communism in 1970 near the Gdańsk Shipyard where the Solidarity Movement was established after the strikes in 1980. We prayed, listened to the speech, we placed flowers and lit candles there.

After we marched to the cemetery of non-existent cemeteries which commemorates people from all religions and nationalities which live together in the past in North Poland. We prayed, listened to the speech and lit candle there.

We finished Peace Road 2015 in Gdańsk on the hill, from where we saw beautiful view of Old Gdańsk and New Gdańsk with shipbuilding cranes. Natural cranes are the symbol of Heavenly Kingdom. We hope that God’s Kingdom will be established together with True Parents in Gdańsk, in Poland, in Europe, in all around the world before the year 2020. It was our last prayer in Gdańsk during Peace Road 2015.

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