Peace Road 2015 in Chile


FFWPU Chile: On May 30, the first Peace Road Bike Tour in North America was departed at Santiago, Chile. Chile is the depart point of International High way. Gwang Seok, Song the General Secretary of UPF Korea and North America Special Envoy, Rev. Jeong Moon, Lee visit members in Chile and help them to prepare for the Peace Road event. Dr. Lee and Dr. Song visited the National Police and met the Lieutenant Colonel, José Sepúlveda and explain the importance of Chile as a launching country for the Peace Road. He signed the flag and to open spaces for the Peace Road Tour, he sent four motorcycle escorts to the center of Santiago’s city. This was a miracle. Usually to request police escorts they need the permission from the Municipality which will take one or two weeks.

Dr. Song and Dr. Lee went to Santiago’s municipality to interview the mayor without any appointment, but she miraculously welcomed and listened to them and promise to cooperate. Then she signed the Peace Road flag. See the video

50 riders depart from the FFPWU Chile church to the Santiago city escorted by the police. They held the launching ceremony in front of the city hall and made their way to President’s palace and their ride ended at the Constitution square.

Just in time, there were a public event at the square; they had a chance to meet the two congressmen Jorge Tarud and José Edwards Silva. Dr. Song and Dr. Lee explain the important of the Peace Road to this two congressmen and they also signed the Peace Road flag.

After the successful Peace Road Tour, the members gathered around and wish for the victory of the Peace Road and pass their flag to the next Peace Road country Bolivia. See More photos

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