Peace Road 2015 at top of Baekdu Mountain

baekdu (1)

As Peace Road events for world peace and reunification of North and South Korea, are underway in each region of the world, on June 17 Korean participants of the Peace Road 2015 arrived at the Holy Ground in Baekdu Mountain.

Baekdu Mountain is a volcanic mountain on the border between North Korea and China. This mountain is 54.5% in North Korean territory, 45.5% in China. The Korean name is Baekdu-san, means white head mountain. The Chinese name is Changbai-shan, means snow piles up on the large mountain.

Baekdu has a large crater lake which is called Heaven Lake. Koreans call it “Cheon-ji” lake, and Chinese call it “tiandi” lake. It is 2,744 meters above the sea level.

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