Paraguay: Wongu Peace Cup and other events

FFWPU South America:

Wongu Peace Cup: On May 1st, celebrating the founding of the HSAUWC and Labor´s Day in Paraguay, the Unification Church and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Paraguay, organized a Wongu Peace Cup, creating an environment of brother-sisterhood with our second generation and young people from the evangelist and catholic churches.

Young people started gathering with enthusiasm to participate in this tournament. Eight men teams and two women teams were formed. Every team paid a participation fee which was used as prizes for the winning teams as well as other expenses. Hopefully this is only the first of many such events to come.

The third seed and release of fingerlings of native species (Pacu Fry) in the river of Paraguay took place finally. The Foundation for Sustainable Development in the Americas, North and South together with the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Faculty of Veterinary Science – for 5 years, works have been done in the laboratory on reproduction of pacu species (piaractusmesopotamicus) and this is the third consecutive year that released new breed of that species in the Paraguay River, this venture is launched in the establishment of fish farming in Puerto Leda for fish breeding in the department of Alto Paraguay.

The third experimental fry pacu planting reproduction was achieved with the cooperation of the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the National University of Asuncion, the goal of the foundation is to increase the population of pacu in the Paraguay River through the planting of fingerlings obtained in the influence zone of that place whose activity was scheduled on Friday May 8, 10 hours with the presence of national authorities and sensitive ecosystem as special guests. The Foundation in this second stage with approximately 50,000 fingerlings of Pacu with average size of 5-10 centimeters were released near Puerto Leda – Paraguay River.

The population participated massively. Residents of several communities were very interested in the opportunities.

Celebration of Mother’s Day:  Thanks to the organization of the Committee Relationship of the Church, the Mother´s Day celebration was done successfully.

Also the Special Envoy Rev. Sung Jong Seo was sharing his testimony with the members, how we can verify that the True Parents are the Messiah logically, historically and spiritually. This was during a 4 hours Sunday Service in Encarnación and Zeballos Cue. Inspiring the members to fulfill their missions like Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

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A Ceremony of Sisterhood of the Women´s Federation for World Peace in Zeballos Cue: With excellent participation and the support of the FFWPU families and W-CARP, a ceremony of interreligious and international sisterhood was successful organized and done initiated by Mrs. Rossi Dueck de Giuliano.

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