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What is the Oceania Leadership Team?

The Oceania Leadership Team (OLT) is a volunteer youth initiative and character development program based in Australia and designed for members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

True Father’s calligraphy, “Unified World begins from Oceania” (30 November 1992), inspired the establishment of OLT in 2005 to concretely pursue this dream with the power of young people. Since then, many volunteers from all across the world have come to Oceania to work towards its realisation.


Details of our program

The 10 month program is divided into four components:

  1. Service projects in the Pacific Islands. In accordance with Vision 2020, the focus recently has been on the strategic nations of Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, but until now OLT teams have gone to more than 10 countries. The island mission embodies living for the sake of others through service projects and initiates leadership skills.
  2. The majority of the training is through fundraising to develop faith and character. Members fundraise in teams and also go on MFT. The funds are used for the island projects as well as to cover living expenses and other costs.
  3. The education curriculum is centered on Divine Principle studies, True Parents’ life course and how to apply the Principle in daily life. Workshops are held throughout the year.
  4. The program concludes with an Ocean Challenge to experience True Father’s Cheong Seong through fishing in the ocean.


OLT Vision Statement

Oceania Leadership Team is an international youth group dedicated to creating One Family under God

Based on our vision statement, OLT is designed to help participants strengthen their life of faith, grow their character and develop lasting values of integrity and leadership, and consequently, on this foundation, create a God-centered lifestyle.


OLT Mission Statement

Oceania Leadership Team is a program created for youth to develop faith, character and leadership as well as giving its participants the skills necessary to promote a culture of living for others.

Members will embody our mission statement by travelling to the South Pacific Islands to initiate and support service projects. Over the past years, OLT has built up a distinct reputation in Fiji, Samoa, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu and is recognized and supported by charitable, governmental, local and/or religious groups.


OLT dates

  1. Next intake: 2 September 2015 – 2 July 2016.
  2. Application deadline: 31 July 2015


Cost of the program

  • Joining fee of 800 AUD
  • Return ticket to Sydney, Australia
  • Working Holiday visa fee
  • Travel insurance


Medical requirements

All participants need to get travel insurance because OLT will not be responsible for their medical bills. Because OLT members visit Pacific island countries, they need several vaccinations. This includes Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and Tetanus & Diphtheria.


Potential Staff

OLT is looking for potential staff members to fill in the roles of team leaders and administrative staff. Experience in working with youth is a plus. OLT will support your airfare, visa and insurance. Please email oltapplicants@gmail.com and state your interest in becoming an OLT staff.


Useful links

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