My Mission is to give the Blessing of the ‘True Family’ to All Families of the World

An interview with True Mother, by Monthly JoongAng magazine (a Korean national major monthly magazine) which was published in June 2015 issue. Translated by the PR Dept. of the Tongil Foundation.

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon:

“My Mission is to give the Blessing of the ‘True Family’ to All Families of the World”

Announcement of the Recipient of the Sunhak Peace Prize, the Largest Scale National Prize in Korea

Plans to Visit North Korea for North South Unification

“As the True Parents who have received the mission of God, and as the only begotten daughter of God, I will spread the True Family movement for the salvation of humankind.”

On May 11th, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon met with the Monthly JoongAng in Vienna, Austria, to speak with us about “The Path to Peace through the Completion of the Family.” The term “only begotten daughter” was adapted from the phrase “only begotten son,” which was used to describe Jesus as God’s only son. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon are referred to as the only begotten son and daughter of God within the Family Federation.

This is the first time that Dr. Han has agreed to a press interview. Although many requests have been made for interviews with Dr. Han during the event of Family Federation’s “50th Anniversary European Movement”, our interview with her lasted only about 20 minutes. Dr. Han was accompanied in her interview by Family Federation International President Sun Jin Moon, International Vice President In-Sup Park, Women’s Federation for World Peace International President Yeon-Ah Moon, FFWPU International Headquarters Director-General Man-Ho Kim and others.

Dr. Han seemed to us more like a benevolent mother than a charismatic religious leader. Although it was her first interview, she responded to difficult questions with laughter, and to religious questions with strength and grace. We were awestruck by her attentiveness to answer every question in the short time she was able to spend with us. The interview is published below.

JoongAng: Thank you for agreeing to an interview with us.

True Mother: “This is both my first time meeting a reporter and my first time serving tea.” (Laughs)

I hear that you are in the middle of a world tour. How is your health?

“I am very tired (laughs). However, some members traveled for 32 hours to listen to my message, so I cannot help but feel energized when I think of them. It is so meaningful to be able to fulfill a true family and teach about true love.”

The events will be held in Austria, Germany and England. Is there a particular reason for your attendance of the event in Austria?

“I have returned to Austria for the first time in 19 years. Rev. Sun Myung Moon began evangelism in Europe in 1965. At the time, Eastern Europe was under Communist rule, and there was no religious freedom, so all of our evangelism was carried out underground. At that time, Austria was a neutral state, so we were able to establish a witnessing advancement center there. After our event in Austria, we are flying to the United States.”

You are on a tight schedule for many days. How are you taking care of your health?

“I take a lot of walks.”

I saw that many Unification second generation youth attended the event.

“I hear that a lot of young people joined the European church recently. They are actively working together with our second generation in many fields.”

After Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s death, Dr. Han has focused on fostering talent and increasing the congregation.

Dr. Han has also eliminated some businesses and enterprises in order to better concentrate on church growth. She temporarily postponed the Peace Cup, an international club soccer tournament which requires about 15 to 20 billion won each year in maintenance. She also entrusted the management of the North Korean investment projects (Peace Motors and the Potonggang Hotel), which Rev. Moon put a lot of focus on during his life, to North Korea.

In exchange, Dr. Han has been enthusiastically investing all of her efforts into fostering the next generation of leaders and Unification Church evangelism. New church centers have been established in Incheon and Daegu region, and greater focus is being put into church growth. As a result, since the Rev. Moon’s Seonghwa in 2012, about 30 new churches have been established, bringing the total number of churches in Korea to over 230. She also newly established the “Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation,” a scholarship organization worth 100 billion won, and the Universal Peace Academy. She established the million-dollar Sunhak Peace Prize as well, with plans to announce its first recipient this year.

While Rev. Sun Myung Moon focused mainly on peace movements, you have concentrated more on church growth. Could you explain your reasoning behind this decision?

“I would like to finish all of [Rev. Moon’s] work. However, there is an order of priority that needs to be followed. I decided that the most important thing for this world, in which conflict begets conflict, was the spread of the true family. The completion of the family is crucial. My mission is to expand the teachings of the providence of restoration, which professes the fulfillment of the true family through the blessing of True Parents.”

What is the purpose of your focus on fostering young talent and the establishment of the Sunhak Peace Prize?

“I think of the seven billion people of the world as my own children. I want to guide them. I plan to do my utmost to save all of humankind and create a peaceful world through the fostering of leaders and projects such as the Sunhak Peace Prize.”

On June 8th, the three candidates (individuals or organizations) for the first Sunhak Peace Prize will be announced. The awards ceremony will be held in Seoul on August 28th. “The first recipient will most likely be someone in the field of environment preservation,” said a Family Federation recipient. “Whether the award will go to an individual or be split between and organization and an individual is up to the award council.”

Dr. Han, who manages a close relationship with North Korea and several businesses in the nation, was invited by Chairman of the National Defense Kim Jong Un in 2012, around the same time as Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Seonghwa (passing). However, she has not yet been able to follow through on the invitation.

You were invited to visit North Korea. Do you have any plans to visit in the future?

“Nothing is impossible for me to live for the sake of the nation and the world. However, I am waiting to get the timing right. If it is for the sake of peace and unification between North and South Korea, I would like to visit North Korea. I hope to give you some good news regarding the matter shortly.”

Before our interview, Dr. Hak Ja Han gave the keynote address at the “The UN at 70: Toward a Resolution of Tensions on the Korean Peninsula” conference held at 2:00 PM in the UN Office in Vienna, Austria. “This year marks the 70th anniversary of many historical milestones: the restoration of Korean independence, the establishment of the United Nations and the end of World War II. The United Nations has led the way over the last 70 years in the path towards peace, and yet we still have been unable to establish peace or a world of freedom,” said Dr. Han. She then warned the UN that they needed to “change their mindset in order to continue for another 70 years.” “If all of humankind attends God as their parent, it will be impossible for dispute to exist between nations, races and religions. I hope that the UN can lead the way in making this possible.” She continued, “I hope that all of you can help us not only to solve the problems of the Korean Peninsula, but to transform it into a region of peace.”

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