Let Us Bring the World Back to God

True Mother shared hoondokhae with more than four hundred members on the morning of May 11, the day after the event that celebrated half a century of outreach in Europe, at the hotel in which that event had taken place. European members greeted her with sustained applause. This was her message on that day. [Download the Speech]


Did you enjoy this morning’s hoondokhae? True Father loved nature. He particularly loved the sea. In order to resolve the food crisis that humanity may face in the future, he invested a lot of time into sea-related efforts. We will present the Seonhak Peace Prize on the third anniversary of True Father’s ascension. Please continue to study and research in the future because you must enlighten humanity. A crisis is drawing near on earth.

I climbed several high mountains in the Alps and even explored an ice cave. This ice cave had actually been melting since the days of the Roman Empire. It was quite dumbfounding. This phenomenon is not happening only in the Alps. Alaska is going through the same situation. The ice is melting while the sea level keeps rising. Increasingly, human beings will face threats to their survival. The earth is being destroyed because of bad human habits; this must be stopped. We must stop it. The earth must be saved. We must enlighten people to return to nature.

Our Heavenly Parent created the heavens and the earth, dreaming of loving humanity. Can we let earth be destroyed when we have not even been able to bring it back into God’s bosom? We cannot do that. Hence, those who become aware of this first, must educate others so that such a thing does not happen. You must attend True Parents. Neither present day laws nor systems can solve this. Just as I mentioned yesterday, we must carry out a movement to attend and serve God, the true owner. You must attend True Parents. Only through this path can humanity and the earth’s ecosystem survive. The True Grandchildren as well as you probably know this: Do you remember the Disney movie, “Finding Nemo”? True Father watched many videos on coral reefs and would reflect on how the sea could be saved. Today, the coral reefs in the sea are all being destroyed due to human ignorance. Many have died and only a few survive. If coral reefs are destroyed, some fish species cannot survive. In other words, man’s survival is also effected. Do you understand?

Let us look at Europe today. Each country is competing against one another. Racial conflict is a problem. Religious people fight one another; they kill and destroy one another. What will you do about this? The result is clear if you just allow it to happen. There is no future. Right? Will you just stand idle and watch this happening? You must inform everyone in the world that True Parents have come. You should tell them, Brothers, we should not fight among ourselves. Let us all become one under our True Parents’ shade.

This path alone can save the nation and the whole of Europe. The entire world will be able to live together in harmony. These days, no matter what situation you may be in, you can use different kinds of methods. We live in an age where everyone connecting in a second through the internet is possible. Those who are old enough but do not have much power to move, can do it through the internet. Because of their love for humanity, True Parents worked hard beginning from the very bottom to realize a future free of misery and a secure and happy world. Now that Satan’s worldwide realm has been restored through indemnity, the doors have opened wide to the realization of a peaceful world but this depends on the capacity and the responsibility of those who know and attend God. Only when everyone joins in this effort can we live. We should all live together. Will you do that? I believe it will not be possible to conclude this event unless I sing. That is a fun but sometimes difficult tradition./

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