Let us be grateful for the miracle of carrying out the Will in the same age with True Parents!

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True Mother’s Words to 43 elder couples from Japan

“Let us be grateful for the miracle of carrying out the Will in the same age with True Parents!”

On May 28th 2015, at Cheon Hwa Gung. Las Vegas


This is the excerpts of True Mother’s Words addressed on May 28th 2015 at Cheon Hwa Gung in Las Vegas to the members of Japan’s 43 couples’ tour to America’s West and holy sites.


“You are most welcome!

You are now in your 70s or 80s, having spent much more than half of your life. Your life on earth will not be so long. Your lifestyle during this period on earth will determine your spiritual realm. It is that serious!.

I have heard that many spiritual dispensations are taking place in Japan. A dedicated church member heard a spiritual voice, which turned out to be from her ancestor. Thanks to this member’s good conditions such as ancestors’ liberation and other merits, her ancestors are said to dwell in an unimaginably huge residence. Thus, her ancestors are so grateful for their descendants on earth. This is a case in point that merits of descendants on earth can expand the spiritual realm of their ancestors.

Unlike other people, you can live in the same age with True Parents, following True Parents’ Will and courses. From True Parents’ point of view, all the 7 billion humankind must be restored as children of True Parents. In that way, all mankind will become one human family under God.

Therefore, in your remaining life period, you must introduce True Parents by all means. You should testify to True Parents. You have to open a channel for everyone to be reborn by True Parents and to live as Blessed Families.

In the 2,000-year history of Christianity, many cultures were raised in Europe. They were meant to prepare for the Second Coming. With enormous preparations, however, they do not recognize True Parents, do they? But you have attended True Parents and develop a new culture with True Parents. What a life of miracles you are now living!

Regrettably, you have become old, with the remaining 3 or 10 or 20 years left. You have to expand your spiritual realm through your accomplishments on earth. In your daily lives, practice goodness and produce good fruits, and you become ‘wealthy people’ in the spirit world.

Even there, True Parents will recognize those who have endeavored together with True Parents in the same age. However great accomplishments your descendants may produce, True Parents cannot recollect them personally. They will have to say, “I am a child of so and so!” or “I am a descendant of so and so!”

How precious that you are alive in association with True Parents this way! You should live a life of gratitude!

The Peace Palace is where Father will educate all mankind and embrace the whole world. From now on, centering on the Peace Place, we have to educate Ambassadors for Peace of the world, making them substantial Blessed Families. You should not just guide them but let them practice the teachings in their lives.

The time with True Parents and the time without are very different, aren’t they? Since I am alive on earth, we have to establish the tradition which can unify the whole world. Do you understand? You need to feel thankful for breathing together with me on earth.”

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