Kazakhstan: Presentation of the Book “World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon”

UPF Kazakhstan: The Round table with presentation of the book “World Scripture and the teachings of Sun Myung Moon” was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on May 27. The audience consisted of Ambassadors for Peace, students, and members of educational clubs. Among the participants were: the leading theologian of Kazakhstan, Arthur I. Artemyev; Head of the Department for Religious Affairs of Almaty, Vladimir Ivanov; a poet Amantay Ahetov, department head of the St.-Petersburg State University, Irina Tsypkova, and many others. The event was attended by 11 Ambassadors for Peace. The artistic part of the program was presented by the famous singer, Akaltyn Bekbolatova, who performed beautiful songs. Then followed the presentation, which began with a report about the UPF activities in 2015. The first speaker was Larisa Lee, Honorary President of FFWPU. She spoke about the importance of inter-religious cooperation. Then Arthur I. Artemyev shared about his work on the Preface to the book.

President of FFWPU, Kyzzhibek T. Khamzaeva, spoke on family values as they appear in the book, “World Scriptures and the teachings of Sun Myung Moon.”

At the end of the presentation, the participants expressed their firm resolve to intensify the activity of FFWPU, and gave a number of practical proposals and ideas on resumption of the activities.

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