Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Thailand  

Hatyai district, Songkhla Province, Southern region of Thailand- June 21, 2015

FFWPU Thailand: This blessing organized by Mr. Pongsit’s tribe.  They realized the importance of the education on the Divine Principle, therefore they had tried to hold 2-day or 1-day workshops on the Divine Principle: “Family is School of Love and Peace” for all representative couples going to attend Blessing ceremony from communities.

Mr. Pongsit’s tribal group approached 3 organizations: Hatyai Municiplaity, Thakham Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO) and Namnoi Subdistrict Municipality.  They hold 2-day Workshop on June 9-10, 2015 at Thakham Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO), June 14, 2015 at Hatyai Municiplaity and June 16, 2015 at Namnoi Subdistrict Municipality.

On June 21, 2015 Mr. Pongsit’s tribal group hold the Holy Blessing Ceremony at Hatyai Municiplaity.  There were about 200 couples (400 persons) attended.  All participants were so inspired, happy and grateful to Blessing ceremony, especially, when they received Benediction Prayer of True Father from Blessing in Cheongshim World Peace Center in March 2012.  Most of participants signed up to do 40 days separation, attended the indemnity stick ceremony and determine to become Ideal Blessed Families by practice teaching of True Parents.

After Blessing ceremony, Mr. Pongsit’s tribal group will follow up them to attend 1-day workshop on blessed family tradition and practice 3-day ceremony to complete the blood lineage changing process.


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