Intercultural Spring Festival of the Universal Peace Federation, Inspiring Texts – Moving Melodies

 UPF Germany, Robert Bentele, Munich, Germany, 17. April 2015: The Munich UPF feels challenged to not only organize interreligious gatherings, but also intercultural ones. Rev. Moon, the founder, has often reminded us to establish a culture of peace and of heart. He himself loved to sing and has motivated his followers to do the same; and he has founded several music bands, orchestras and ballet ensembles.

The emerging spring inspired us to pay homage to it with poetic texts and songs. Also spring can be seen in a figurative sense. Our society and we ourselves need again and again new breakups.

A beautiful contribution to the evening was a so called ‚heart meditation ‘from the Sufi-Tradition. Ms. Marlene Straub, a member of the international Sufi Order, sensitively guided us. We closed the eyes and meditatively wandered from the heart, through our body towards nature, to rivers, lakes and oceans and back again to our heart feeling the peace and beauty of all created beings, and we expressed our high regard and gratitude for all of it.

Participants presented some spring poems of different authors and pianist Gianni Scarcella delighted us by his moving songs. Ms. Naomi Lee presented some nature slides and sang to it the Korean song Arirang. Fumiko Jensen joined in singing a Japanese spring song.

Another inspiring part was given by the May brothers, Juri, Mattheo and Isaac, a trio that brought a real highlight to the evening through their song presented with guitar and piano.

As crowning conclusion Dr. Alfons Wellenhofer gave a slide show with beautiful slides of spring and words of inspiration of Rev. Moon and other famous authors.

After that the 20 participants met for a vivid sharing with snacks and refreshments. We were very happy that this time about half of the participants were youngsters and young adults.

“When there is joy in our lives on earth and in spirit world, then we laugh, dance and sing. Nevertheless we can experience and share happiness and joy not alone. God also needs a counterpart in order to realize and express His happiness.” _ Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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