Forum of Ploudaniel: Tribal Messiahs in Brittany

FFWPU France, Ploudaniel, France, May 23 – 24, 2015: Several Blessed Families in Brittany participated in the 25th Ploudaniel Forum. It was an opportunity to represent the UPF and to progress with our Tribal messiahship. In addition, we could help contribute to the regional success and international outreach of the Forum.

The President of the Forum, Xavier Guiavarc’h, is an Ambassador for peace. He has been to UNESCO meetings in Paris and Brittany, giving education to young people.

Every year the Forum honors one country, and this year it was the Kingdom of Morocco. It was represented by Mr. Mohamed Ait Kadi, President of the Council of Agricultural Development.

The official opening ceremony of the 25th forum started with the traditional cutting of the ribbon. This was done in the presence of the Forum’s President, Xavier Guiavarc’h, Ploudaniel’s mayor and regional councilor Mr. Joël Marchadour, Mr. Mohamed Ait Kadi representing the ministry of agriculture of Morocco et Mme Sonia Ramzi of UNESCO, who came as Peace Ambassador with Mr. Patrick Jouan, Vice-President FPU France. Then this was followed by an official visit of the site and stands.

At the end of the visit came the official opening speech by the Forum’s President, Xavier Guiavarc’h. Following on, Mr. M. Ait Kadi summarized the activities of his country in the same sectors. Dr. Sonia Ramzi then presented the wishes of Dr. Boutros B. Ghali, of whom she is assistant, and went on to explain her work at UNESCO pursuing the culture of peace and the importance of human development via activities such as the Forum. The mayor then declared with great enthusiasm the weekend to be a time of meeting, exchanges, sharing and fraternity.

Many younger and older members, peace ambassadors, had put in a lot of work for this meeting to happen.

We were particularly visible in the area of the Village International. One stand was held by Mihwa Burt and Yeon Kyeong Colleter helped by a friend Hélène, to represent South Korea, their Korean pancakes sold out! Another stand represented Togo, with our Peace Ambassador Maquite Lorcy. She was accompanied by Miche Tsevi, a village chief from Togo. The UPF representative, Mr. André Blévin arrived a little later with Christian Baxevanoglou peace ambassador from Greece and several members to work together joyfully and in good spirits.

The Sunday morning, Mr. Marchadour, Ploudaniel’s mayor wanted to honour Sonia Ramzi. Accompanied by Danielle Burt and Patrick Juan, the mayor showed her around the town hall, and shared a number of things from the town’s history, as well as some very personal experiences. Then he presented Sonia Ramzi with the town’s medal, something which another peace ambassador, Juan Federer had received several years ago. Sonya Ramzi was very touched by this reception, promised to give an account to Boutros Ghali and to the directress of UNESCO.

At the closing ceremony, several trophies were given to helpers who were caught up in emotion. The final speeches praised the voluntary workers, without whom the Forum could not occur. They put forward the common principle which unites us together in a culture of peace and the importance of going out to meet and understand others.

The mayor confined to Patrick Juan that next time he was in Paris he would like to meet with Sonia Ramzi.

Blessed families, members and friends gathered with Peter and Danielle Burt afterwards, to express their gratitude for the positive activities of the event. Our Heavenly Parent had guided us and shown us that sincere investment, effort and cooperation can bring fruits on the public level.