Czech: Junior HARP Spring Workshop

HARP-Czech held its annual spring workshop in Prague on May 15-16, 2015. As many of our older HARP members were able to attend an excellent international workshop in Slovakia around the same time, we used the opportunity to host a special workshop for our newer HARP members. This was the first official workshop of the year and for some their first ever HARP workshop, consequently our lecturer, uncle Petr Leba, focused the educational content on introducing our new members to the foundations of our beliefs, starting from Chapter One, the Principle of Creation. A testimony from their older sister Vicky Masner was able to give

them a glimpse of some of the exciting HARP adventures that lie ahead of them and a testimony from our aunty Erika Lajdova gave us all some thoughtful insight as to what life was like for elder first generation when they were teenagers under communist rule.

Due to many members busy schedule surrounding True Mother’s visit to Europe, the workshop was smaller than usual. However, our small group of 16 proved beneficial as we could create a very natural family environment in which staff and participants could easily interact. It was also an excellent opportunity for our older HARP members to get more involved, with our brothers Roman Kod’ousek and Jenda Slezak taking the time to coordinate the games and activities.

Workshops are a place of growth, spiritually and socially. Whilst this was a workshop for our youngest members, it was also a learning opportunity for some of our oldest. We were so grateful that our older HARP members could contribute and see their value as important members of the growing staff team. Having said that we are also grateful to our regular HARP staff team, Andrej Uhnak, Elisa Brann, Suzanna Strkulova, and Petr and Betka Leba, for their contribution.

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