Chile: First point of Peace Road 2015 in South America

FFWPU South America: There was not enough time to make the preparations for the Peace Road in Chile, but after Rev. Lee and Dr. Song’s visit to Chile, many doors suddenly opened. Rev. Lee decided to visit the police station in order to meet the highest police authorities. Rev. Lee with his extroverted and charismatic nature won the support of the police officers.

The environment was extraordinary, especially when the Lieutenant Colonel, José Sepúlveda, understood the importance of Chile as a launching country for the Peace Road. He signed the flag and sent four motorcycle escorts to open spaces throughout the downtown of Santiago’s city. This was a miracle, because usually getting permission for police escorts takes one or two weeks.

Then, they went to the city hall of Santiago to interview the mayor. Another miracle occurred because at least one month is needed to get a permission to talk to the mayor. After much persistence, the mayor´s secretary had allowed a very brief visit. They presented the Peace Road event and asked for the mayor´s signature. The mayor welcomed and listened to them, and signed the Peace Road flag.

At “Plaza de la Constitución”, Rev. Lee and Dr. Song could talked to two deputies and won their support, too. These deputies were at a public event, the deputies names were Jorge Tarud and José Edwards Silva. After listening about the importance of the Peace Road, they also signed the flag.

The Peace Road event helped us think beyond the differences, and focus on True Parents and their will. As a result, the Peace Road was done successfully.

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