Brazil: Preparation for Home group Activities

FFWPU South America: 

Workshop for Missionaries and Home Group Leader

On the 9th of May 2015 there was a workshop for missionaries and Home Group leaders in the state of São Paulo, with the participation of 108 people. Various topics were emphasized, among them, information and recent providential directions, reports and Home Group activities and preparations and goals for the 7th National Home Group Event. Everyone became very motivated with the orientation words and the goal, making a new determination to continue the activities as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs and the victory of the Vision 2020.

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Delivering the Won Mo Peonge Scholarships

Following the orientations from True Parents, on May 3 at the national headquarter of Brazil, were delivered the Won Mo Scholarships to 23 students from Elementary School and High School and for 3 colleges students. Those students received a great motivation from True Parents for their studies. After the Sunday Service, the Educational Vice-President of Brazil, Pr. Valcir Zancan gave an Educational Lecture to the students and their parents about the meaning and the finality of these scholarships, also explaining points as how important it is that these students improve the practice of the daily Hoon Dok Hae.

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Mother’s Day Celebration

A special lunch was offered by the WFWP and FFWPU for Mothers at the Headquarters, Pinheiros, São Paulo. Many performances of songs and a beautiful theater by the CARP students to brighten the faces of the mothers and the tributes of the children, most were members of CARP and were very moving. Some mothers could not contain the tears of profound joy and gratitude, moved by the words spoken of their sons and daughters on that day.  More than 120 people participated the event.

On May 10th we had an event in FFWPU at headquarters in Curitiba, tribute to Mother’s Day, with the participation of 70 people. As well as members of our organization, we had the presence of people from other organizations, such as Pastora Samira Hussein Halabi of Community Evangelistic Moriah and Adviser to the Deputy Mayor of the city of Curitiba, Carla Pimentel. The program was very nice with words about the importance of family and congratulations to women and mothers for their key role in the harmony of the home. There was also distribution of gifts for the honorees and a delicious snack at the end.

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CARP-BRAZIL 3-Day seminar

From 2nd to May 4th, 2015 Youth of the CARP participated in a seminar of three days of Divine Principle, with more detailed lectures, explaining line by line, word by word. On May 6 the members of CARP-Brazil held an activity through competitions and games with the content of DP, with awards for the results of a higher number of correct answers of questions about the content. The purpose of this activity was to deepen the understanding of the words of True Parents.

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