Blessed Couples Retreat

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FFWPU Australia: A Couples Retreat weekend was held 13th and 14th June in the beautiful Blue Mountains, an hour and a half, west of Sydney. It provided an opportunity for Blessed couples to spend some time together away from the pressures of our often hectic, daily life. Seven couples attended.

The weather was very pleasant and the mountain air fresh and clear. On Saturday Anne and Bernard Ellis from Smart Loving ran an interactive mini workshop based on sections of the Smart Loving program, such as Our Family of Origin, Forgiveness and Expressing Gratitude.

In the evening we shared a Malaysian dinner together before some fun activities. The day finished with enjoying a movie and playing board games.

After breakfast on Sunday, couples headed off to various activities, bushwalking, sightseeing or spending some time chatting at some of the very interesting coffee shops around the town.

We all agreed we should have another retreat later on in the year.

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