Belgium: Working as a Tribal Messiah


FFWPU Belgium, By Philippe Jacques, Chaumont Gistoux, Belgium, June 1 2015: It is for many years that we have heard about our main mission: to become a Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. First of all, it was something difficult for me to imagine. What is a Tribal Messiah? Who is my tribe?

Of course, I first think about my parents, physical brothers and sisters, relatives etc. True Father explained that we cannot be happy in the spirit world if our relatives are in hell. But to witness our relatives is surely the most difficult, as “nobody is prophet in his country”!

From experience I have known for years that as soon as I talk to them or send them something about our movement my relatives become silent, or disappear, or look at me as if I have.

Apart from that they are very nice and friendly… and my wife and I could symbolically give them a little drop of holy wine mixed with a drink when they came to visit us at home.

So far, we had more results with our neighbors, friends, or Ambassadors for Peace through direct witnessing or through our small group meetings at home (Home Church). We must be very creative though and pray that God can inspire us to find a way.

My wife and I decided to first identify our tribe. How and where to find 430 families? We decided to make a list and to make an Excel sheet for this. This was very exciting to do!

At least it forces us to think and pray for each of the names we add to our list. It takes a certain time to identify our tribe, but we can also decide to add at least one more couple every day. Day by day, person by person, couple by couple.

We then decided to make a family tree of our relatives, ancestors and descendants with a free program we found on the Internet. Oh my God, that was so exiting! Both my wife and I have huge families and I have to admit that I even discovered who are my cousins or direct relatives, some of whom I have never met or communicated with for decades.

Then we started to communicate with them to ask information or pictures in order to fill out our family tree correctly. This is a good tool to use in order to have a give and take with one’s relatives, and they like it! We sent them a family tree with the information we have already and asked for more information to complete the tree, such as birthdates etc…

It looks as very small steps if we think that we have to bring all of them to the Blessing, but based on this work, we are sure God can work and develop something we do not even think about.

This year we had a major Belgian TV crew coming to Korea to make a documentary about the Blessing. Now they are preparing a program to show the values of the Blessing to millions of Belgians, which means also to our relatives. This is even better than witnessing ourselves. It changes the image of our movement and shows the values that our Blessed Families are sharing, by explaining the meaning of the Holy Wine ceremony and the Blessing.

We must pray to be very creative. Small groups are also a very good tool to introduce the Divine Principle and the Blessing. All of our guests know that True Father matched us and that we participated in the 30,000 couples Blessing in 1992. We made them curious and they appreciate the values we have.

When doing research to make a family tree for my family, I discovered in the archives and pictures I inherited from my parents, many interesting secrets and wonderful stories that make me cry. I discovered that my family on my mother’s side for centuries has had a flag and a motto in Latin, the meaning of which is very deep: “Amare, sine rationibus diligere”, or “Love without reason”

When reading my ancestors’ letters, stories and testimonies, and thinking about all the painful experiences they had during the World Wars and before, many tears came to my eyes. Some were heroes, some missionaries in Africa, many had a lot of responsibilities at different levels. How can I be their Tribal Messiah? I feel very humble in front of them and I’m very grateful for their sacrifice. Because of them we can live in the time of the True Parents.

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