AFP New Zealand gathered for the continuation of Principle Study

UPF New Zealand: UPF New Zealand has organized the 2nd gathering of the Ambassadors for Peace in studying the Divine Principle last June 20, 2015 at the UPF HQ. About 35 people came and learned the continuation of the study of the Principle which was introduced last month.

The event was emceed by the former Mayor of Howick, Mr Morrin Cooper who was nominated as an Ambassador for Peace 2 years ago. Dame Jane Seccombe who was nominated as an Ambassador for Peace last year gave a moving opening prayer. Mr. Geoffrey Fyers, UPF Secretary General gave an opening remark and read the Ramadan greetings from the Catholic Bishops Committee in New Zealand. 2 newly Ambassadors for peace were awarded; namely Very Reverend Sirr Christoffersen, founder of the Sufi Religion in New Zealand and Mrs. Swapna Kochher, a community leader  in South Auckland.


After the awarding, each spoke about their appreciation of the award and expressed their desire to work hand in hand with UPF for its programs and activities. The awarding was followed by a powerful rendition of “This is the moment” by 2nd generation member Nobuh Tsukuda. Rev Julius Gicole, UPF NZ Director closed the event with a presentation of the 2nd part of the Divine Principle study. He covered the dual characteristics and connected it with the principle of order and the importance of the unity of mind and body as the fundamental point towards the path of world peace. The lecturer also opened up the invitation for those who are willing to continue to have a more in depth study of the principle.

The participants agreed with much anticipation and expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn the principle. The event ended with a scrumptious dinner prepared by the UPF and FFWPU fulltime staff.

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