53rd Day of All True Things Address at East Garden

FFWPU USA: Dr. Ki Hoon Kim shared a message on June 16, 2015 for the 53rd Day of All True Things celebration at East Garden. He spoke about the importance of embracing the third blessing and loving nature, our community and the world.


When we study about True Parents’ life course, the first chapter always speaks about nature. Today’s reading of the Cheon Seong Gyeong (Holy Scripture) was taken from the first chapter of the book. The first half of this chapter is about God’s creation and nature and the second half is about True Parents and nature. In this book, True Father mentions how important it is to love all of nature; love nature more than you love to attend God at Sunday Service. Do you remember True Father saying those words in this book? I don’t mean to say, don’t go to church every Sunday but go to the park and enjoy nature instead (laughter). But that is how much True Father loved nature. Without dominion over God’s creation we cannot be perfected men and women.

From time to time I like to share my 40-day period experiences spent with True Parents, always in a very humble house. Sometimes they have no light bulb at nighttime and we have to share the house with 20 people, one toilet and one shower. Sometimes I will reminisce with True Mother the times when we had spent 40-days with members in mosquito infested places, where the water had been polluted over a period of ten to fifteen years. These things have happened. But True Father always replied to me by sharing his experiences with nature and how much True Father loved nature. At Cheong Pyeong he had spent time in this way, in such minimal conditions. He stayed there without food or drinkable water in a tent for a 40-day prayer condition before Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center was even built. Really, without True Parents’ investments of this kind in Korea, we would not have the Unification Movement on a global scale today.

How about here? Many days, many times we had a special occasion or event and our surrounding environment was very lovely. Without loving nature, how can you love your brothers and sisters? How can you love your fellow Unificationist families? Nowadays you will find people who say, I love nature, I love my pet, but I don’t like to communicate or associate with brothers and sisters in this movement (laughter). Those who love nature, those who love their pets, they must also love people around the world. Or, some will say, I love my pet but I don’t love my neighbors. This is our situation today. My children can be the same way. They love their pet, but they don’t love each other (laughter). Their pet is more important than their brothers and sisters (laughter). When I get angry at our pet, my eldest daughter’s pet, she won’t speak to me for months (laughter). one day I was on the floor and I was not happy with our pet so I expressed my anger. She was preparing dinner and she stopped what she was doing and went up to her room and locked the door. I skipped dinner that night (laughter). So these things happen even within my immediate circle. It happens in many communities. So what is true love? What is true love? Read More

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