4th Children’s PEACE CUP Soccer Tournament

UPF – Switzerland “PEACE CUP” 2015 – Ticino, Switzerland, May 1, 2015


UPF Ticino, Switzerland, Seraina Termine: On May 1st, 2015, the association UPF-Ticino held its annual soccer tournament for schoolchildren, aged 10-11 years, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. 12 teams of youngsters took part; 8 from Switzerland and 4 from Italy.

The purpose of this fair-play tournament is to offer the children the possibility of facing a personal and team challenge in a friendship-oriented environment, which respects all participants. Through this tournament UPF wishes to promote values that surpass technical ability and competitiveness, teaching that also whoever loses can emerge with a smile and self-confidence.

The spirit was good and the children did not seem to be bothered by the slight rain in the afternoon, which made participation more challenging for the spectators and staff. All demonstrated exemplary tenacity and support, encouraging the young players. The proud and happy faces of the children who took part were proof that the pleasure of a well-played game is the best condition for being happy with oneself and others.

The main trophy “Peace Cup” was won by the girls’ team: “Chiasso femminile” who perfectly caught the spirit of the UPF message of fair-play. The girls wore self-painted T-shirts with the writing PEACE ON EARTH and all the signatures of their team. After each game (of which they won several) the opposing teams were also asked to sign their names. We felt that their coach had given them an excellent preparation before the Peace Cup, which was completely in line with the motto of the tournament: “Play football, build Peace”. Also in the pleasant media reports before and after the event, the words “fairness” and “correctness” were written in bold letters.

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