2-Day Divine Principle Workshop


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FFWPU Australia, May 30, 2015 Sydney Peace Embassy: This workshop which was organized by the 2nd CIG Japanese missionaries, Ayaka and Tazuru, was held in the Peace Embassy. They invited members to join the workshop so we had 3 participants, including two 2nd gen, Grace and Naomi, and Kristen, a Canadian who is traveling around Australia and attended this workshop for the first time. Peter Daly was the lecturer for the workshop, Rev. Hanson joined as an assistant, Natascha Schellen was the MC and the Japanese missionaries and Jinsan supported the workshop in other areas.

The Divine Principle lectures started on Saturday morning with the first and second chapters. Peter explained very well so everyone in class focused on the lecture. Every time we finished one chapter, we had a discussion in pairs about the main points and it was a chance to address any questions the participants had. Through this time, the members could understand the Divine Principle more deeply and came to know each other better.

On the second day of the workshop, there was an excursion to the Chinese garden in Darling Harbour, so members could spend time with the beautiful nature and also observe some of the yin and yang principles as explained by the garden’s tour guide. After walking around the garden, everyone enjoyed tea at the tea house and ate their packed lunch. It was really good time to talk, laugh and tell jokes to lighten the mood. In the afternoon there was one final lecture about the Second Advent and the atmosphere in the class was really good. They concluded with a good discussion time and reflected about the whole workshop.

On the reflection sheets, participants expressed interest in what they had learned and gained new understanding on several points.

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