UPF-USA Welcomes New Ambassadors for Peace

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) USA celebrated the appointment of nine new Ambassadors for Peace on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at Las Vegas City Hall.  Mrs. Katherine Duncan, UPF Las Vegas Chairwoman, welcomed existing Ambassadors, guests, and the new appointees at the UPF monthly peace forum.

Mr. Ricardo de Sena, President of UPF USA, gave a brief overview of the organization, and explained True Parents’ vision for UPF, its principles of peace, and the significant role the Ambassadors for Peace play. The newly appointed Ambassadors will work with the community, addressing interfaith peace building, strengthening marriage and family, and community service projects.

One of the first community service projects they are involved with is the creation of the Moulin Rouge Float for the Helldorado Parade.  The Moulin Rouge Float is a commemoration of the local hotel and resort, Moulin Rouge, which was opened as the first interracial hotel and casino resort in America 60 years ago. The establishment was closed shortly after its opening under political pressure, due to interracial gatherings in public still being illegal. Moulin Rouge reopened again five years later, in 1960, when equal access was granted in what has become known as the “Moulin Rouge Agreement.” Read more

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