UPF-Australia Starts Peace Council in Victoria

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UPF Oceania, by Gregory Stone, regional secretary general, Saturday, April 18, 2015: UPF-Australia has inaugurated a Peace Council in the state of Victoria as a model for other Australian states and eventually for a National Peace Council.

A select group of Ambassadors for Peace gathered to be part of this inaugural meeting, held on April 18, 2015. The participants represented various faith traditions, including Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

The members of the Victoria Peace Council represent Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Iraq and several African nations. Additionally, the council has representatives from state and local governments, leaders of NGOs, academics and professionals in the fields of education, business, interfaith development, psychology and health.

This event followed two UPF conferences held in Melbourne and Sydney in 2014 on “The Role of Religion in Peace building.” Read More

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