True Parents News: Weekly Update

PeaceTV: May 23, 2015


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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Meetings in Germany and Great Britain Commemorating Fifty Years in Europe
  2. Inaugural Assembly of the Korean Elder Pastors Association
  3. The Association of Religions in Korea Holds an Interfaith Event
  4. The Filipino Congress Invites Peace Ambassadors from UPF Korea


Global News

  1. Korea, Bolivia,Venezuela, New Zealand, Albania: UN International Day of Families
  2. Japan: Third Group of Cheon Il Guk Missionaries 40-Day Workshop
  3. United States: True Parents’ 55th Holy Wedding Fishing Tournament
  4. Paraguay: Farm Leda Release of 50,000 Fish
  5. Mauritius: Pure Love Education/Nigeria: UPF Visit to State Legislature/Central African Republic Interfaith Seminar
  6. Mongolia Tree-Planting Service Project

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