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Peace TV: May 9 2015


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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. 2015 Purification Azalea Festival at Cheongpyeong
  2. Publication of the Memoirs of Mrs. Kang Jeong-won
  3. CARP-Korea Holds a Joint Service for its Members

Global News

  1. India, Thailand: Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony / Nepal: Relief Work and Candlelight Memorial
  2. Japan: Workshop for Newly Appointed Pastors, Workshop for One-to-One Witnessing
  3. United States: Encouragement for Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities
  4. Brazil: Young Members Witnessing Activity Campaign / Paraguay: Won-gu Peace Cup Soccer Tournament
  5. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Media Group Presents True Father with Posthumous Peace Award / Gabon: Women’s Seminar for Reconciliation
  6. France: Interreligious Conference
  7. Vanuatu: Relief Activities, New Village Movement and Outreach

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