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IPeaceTV: May 2, 2015


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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. True Mother Departs for Europe
  2. Banquet Marking True Parents’ 55th Holy Wedding Anniversary / Luncheon for Blessed Families with Many Children / True Mother Invites the Korean National Pastors
  3. Emergency Relief Funds and Relief Activities for Nepal

Global News

  1. Commemorative Rally Marking 74 Years since True Father Studied in Japan
  2. USA: Generation Peace Academy Reunion / Family Church and WFWP Joint Luncheon
  3. Brazil Ambassadors for Peace Event and Peace
  4. Singapore Multicultural Family Peace Blessing Festival
  5. Middle East Leaders Meeting
  6. Democratic Republic of the Congo WFWP Anniversary Event / Mali Blessed Children’s Workshop
  7. Czech Republic Personal Development Seminar / Slovakia: Lecture on Unificationism in a University Theology Department

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