True Parents Have Given All of Humanity the Path to Eternity


FFWPU USA: On May 23, 2015, True Mother gave a profound Hoon Dok Hwe message at East Garden. 

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Now that I look at all of your faces, I’m so happy to see you today. Have you been well, have you been healthy? (Yes!) The 50th anniversary of the providence in Europe is, in relation to my life, about half a century. Furthermore, it’s already 70 years since the liberation of Korea, the nation that is truly central to the providence of God, with the end of the Second World War. Furthermore, it’s the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations. In addition, all over the world, the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War is being celebrated. However, what has changed?

Particularly this time in Europe when I met elder members, truly I was very grateful but also very inspired. On several occasions I felt they are very precious, because they have lived their lives for True Parents for a half-century. I felt that. We’re different, aren’t we?


6,000 Years of Preparation

Regarding the providence of heaven, we are at the center of the providence. Please think about it. In the Bible it is written that humanity is 6,000 years old. In the process of history so many things have gone wrong. Really, things went out of orbit because of the Fall of human beings. Humanity was fallen, and in order to save humanity the providence of restoration took 6,000 biblical years. God is almighty and all powerful. Isn’t He so? God had a dream and an ideal when He created human beings. Then why is it that His first children, Adam and Eve, in whom He invested everything to create the first human beings, the first human ancestors, did not follow God’s commands and live according to them? It’s an issue of responsibility. In one instance, in one moment, the history of tremendous sorrow, tremendous suffering, tremendous pain began, because of one fallen act.

Even in the midst of those difficulties, Heaven never changed, Heaven remained constant, and always strove and tried to educate and save humanity. That is why Jesus came as the only son of God, but it took 4,000 biblical years for him to come. God prepared the ideology of the chosen people, and God raised the chosen people. It took 4,000 biblical years, but God kept His promise: He sent His begotten son, the Messiah, to this earth. However, what happened to the Messiah on the earth? The chosen people did not accept the Messiah, and they persecuted him. What was the outcome? Jesus was crucified on the cross. Even Mary did not fulfill her responsibility. And even the great priest John the Baptist, the Archangel Lucifer, and Joseph, did not fulfill their responsibility. Even the Jewish people did not fulfill their responsibility. And the result is – you know very well what happened next.

Even though Jesus went to the cross, he promised he would come again. This was the beginning of the 2,000-year history of Christianity. Jesus was born in a manger, and that is how, through the Holy Spirit, the history began. In the Bible we do not have only the words of Jesus; on the contrary, Jesus’ words in the Bible are quite few. When we look at the 2,000-year history of Christianity, it went through many upheavals, ups and downs, and now Christianity today is all over the world; everyone, even communism and democracy, are outcomes of the Christian cultural sphere. And the reason for that is because it is the time to welcome the Second Coming of the Messiah.


The Truest Devotion is that of the Heart

The Israelites of 2,000 years ago were meant to welcome the Messiah and then create a nation. That was at the time of the Roman Empire. It was the Cain world. It was powerful. There is that saying that all roads lead to Rome. Rome was the center of the world at that time. I have seen the ruins in Rome; Rome’s ruins even exist in the Alps. That is how powerful the Roman Empire was. By comparison the nation of Israel was really tiny. Their wish was to welcome the Messiah, and then use the foundation of the Roman Empire to realize one world centered on the Roman Empire. I’m sure you’re well aware of this history.

However, what happened? The people who do not fulfill their responsibility become the people who are no longer at the center of God’s providence. You need to understand this point clearly. That is why for Christianity to become the center of God’s providence, it had to go through the Roman Empire. Isn’t that so? That is why, starting in Greece and Rome, Christianity went through the European continent, expanding all the way to England, an island nation, and then to the world. However, there were many problems. Why was that? Because they were unaware of God’s truth and His purpose. That is why they could only be confused, and why Christianity broke into many denominations. The Catholic Church made a lot of mistakes, and Protestantism arose, and there were even religious wars in Europe. The religion that believes in God must not fight. However, because of the differences of understanding the denominations were fighting each other.

That is why I was thinking these profound things while I was touring several nations in Europe. I thought how much the Christians tried to attend Heaven. Even though these were fallen people, they tried to follow Heaven; they led lives of faith, trying to hold onto Heaven. They built beautiful churches and cathedrals with beautiful architectural detail. They really invested themselves in building churches. I don’t know if you’ve ever visited the Vatican, but if you go to the Vatican, it is grandiose. I also visited the second most beautiful cathedral, the Milan Cathedral. And lastly, you know Notre Dame, don’t you? I also visited the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. It is more than 850 years old.

In order to build these holy churches, it took 300 or 400 years of people working continuously.  However, what is left today is just an empty shell. The outer building is beautiful, but inside there is no content. What is the essence, or center, of faith? People are unaware of this. Even in Europe, where the Christian faith flourished for 2,000 years, and the Christian cultural sphere flourished. I witnessed this culture.

As I did that, I thought a lot about all of you. Today, even here in the United States, there are Unificationists who have worked for 40, 50 years. So what future are we working to create? The Christian cultural sphere no longer has an internal essence, but at least they have a culture they can show: certain external achievements. They looked only toward Heaven, and they built very high ceilings trying to reach Heaven. They had one heart and one will.

However, our Unification movement is different; isn’t that so? God’s wish, the wish of humanity, and also the wish of Christians—what is it? What is their common wish? It is to meet the True Parents. In order for True Parents to be born on this earth, it took 6,000 biblical years; what a long time. Before, I mentioned that it was the 70th anniversary of Korea’s independence, and also the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. At that time, Korea was really a miserable nation with nothing to be proud of; it was part of the empire of Japan. However, the providence of Heaven, especially the 2,000-year history of Christianity, is a preparation to welcome the only begotten daughter of God. Christians do not know how Heaven’s will works. When the Messiah comes again, what is his wish? It is to hold the holy marriage of the lamb. He comes as a man, and he wants to meet a woman. Jesus was born as the only begotten son of God, but he came to meet the only begotten daughter of God, and in order to do that he said he would come again. Do you understand? All of you as well, I hope that you can. I am sure you did not know all of this in depth. For 2,000 years the Christians offered devotions, and this is the outcome of their offerings: the True Parents, and the only begotten daughter of God. Do you know this or not? (Yes.)


Our Blessings Are for the World

The only begotten son of God and the only begotten daughter of God were born in Korea. That’s why Heaven chose Korea, and why Heaven had to protect Korea. At that time True Father received his mission from Heaven and went to North Korea and worked there as a missionary. Together with the liberation of Korea, Korea became divided because of the United States and Russia. You need to be aware of this. The United States did not fulfill its responsibility. True Parents needed to revive and save the United States, and that’s why the True Parents came here and for the past 40 years invested their blood, sweat and tears to save this nation. And in order to save humanity, in order to love humanity, the True Parents invested themselves. True Parents did not come here just for the sake of America’s prosperity. You need to be aware of this.


Creating the Way for Future Generations

In the past, the Roman Empire was at least able to expand the sphere of Christianity. But what did America do? After receiving the True Parents, what should America have done? America has not fulfilled its responsibility. However, all of you have received the Marriage Blessing; you are blessed families. You’ve received many blessings, and many children have been born. But this alone is not enough. We all have a responsibility. Even though Christianity doesn’t have the essence of faith, for the past 2,000 years it has expanded all over the world. However, all of you have the True Parents. You are blessed families with blessed children who received the Marriage Blessing from True Parents. You are not the same as the Christians of the past. All of you have a root. That is the difference.

Christianity has a 2,000-year history and it has a culture; however, all of you have the Unification movement, which exceeds Christianity. We need to create that. Isn’t that so? Are you just going to be people who wait for time to pass by? Or are you going to be united with True Parents, receive the Blessing from True Parents and, as blessed families, become the pure water the world needs and give birth to children who are the pure water? Are you just going to let all of this flow by? True Parents have given you everything. True Parents have opened Cheon Il Guk for you. That is why, in accordance with Cheon Il Guk, all of you must take action as well. Differently from the Christians, who for the past 2,000 years tried to attend God and build these great cathedrals as a sign of their faith. So in order to show your faith, what should you do? What do you need to do?

You need to create something that will remain forever in history, something that’s not been here before. So that your descendants of the future can walk in one direction, you need to open the gates to that path for them to walk. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Do you understand me?


A Life for the Sake of the Future

When I was looking at all the nations of Europe, I cried profoundly in my heart; I cried so much. Today in the Unification movement—what kind of thoughts are our blessed families having? For the first time in the 6,000 years of biblical history, you have become blessed families, you have received the Marriage Blessing from True Parents. And do you blessed families understand your value, how precious blessed families are? Do you understand how precious each one of you is?

So please become people who can be proud, not ashamed, in front of European history and all of their achievements. How much are you thinking about this? Are you just thinking of your family being prosperous and comfortable, and, when the time comes, going to the spirit world and living a comfortable life? Are you going to live self-centered lives? Are you thinking only of your family and yourself? All of you, where are you standing? Are you standing on a life for yourself, or are you thinking of the future? Where do you stand, realistically speaking, at this present moment?

There are so many things that we need to educate the people of the world about. So all of you, how should I think of all of you? What should I tell you so that you can feel the way I feel? If the True Parents say one thing, I hope that you can become the children who can do 20 or 30 things according to one statement of True Parents. Because you’re here with me, then I think you’re desirous to help me, and I want to feel that; that’s why I’m making a lot of effort at this moment, do you understand? (Yes, Mother!) (Applause.)


True Parents’ Greatest Wish

All of you, no matter how healthily you live, you cannot live more than 100 years. However, think about my age: I am already over 70 years old. What I know, I would like to teach all of you so that you understand what I know, how I feel; that is my mission. Think about it, True Father must be very sad right now. I’m just acting and sharing according to my own heart at this moment here, with all of you, but True Mother has to take responsibility for the providence of restoration, and True Father really wanted me to complete the providence of restoration well. However, it’s so difficult to take responsibility for all of this. I think that True Father is really sad right now; that’s why I’m crying so much.


The Essence of Our Legacy

I can summarize my message today in one sentence: For 2,000 years Christianity has established a culture; however, we need to build something even greater. We need to move forward, we need to be better; we need to be more constant, but also to be more long term. When we look at even one architectural masterpiece built within the Christian cultural sphere, we must feel a jolt of urgency and think, how are we going to educate the future generations, how are we going to testify about True Parents, how are we going to lead future generations to love True Parents? This world has yet to accept the True Parents, who have been trying to sow the seed of true love, they have practiced true love, they really have tried to embrace all of humanity and save all of humanity as their own children; the True Parents have given all of humanity the path to eternity. This is how the True Parents have opened the gate to eternal life: through the True Parents.

So how can all of the people of the world and future generations say “Thank you, True Parents”? By giving future generations a reason to lament being born in the future, instead of as one of you, their ancestors, who lived at the time of the True Parents. Make it so that they say, “If I had lived together with the True Parents, I would have done better than my ancestors did, I would have sacrificed myself more, I would have brought greater achievements to my True Parents.” Let us inspire the future generations. We need many of these future generations.

All of you please awaken; do you understand? From now on you need to be different. I said the same thing in Europe. We are already past 50 years, and from tomorrow you need to be different. Yes, you cannot do the same things; you cannot commit the same acts as yesterday. Even in one area, you need to lead your life differently from today. Even one thing. Please lead lives in which you fulfill your responsibilities as blessed families. Do you understand me? This time in Europe, even externally I received a lot of support. Europe has 50 nations, and America has 50 states. Truly all of you, if you really put your heart into it, could you restore half of all the 50 states of America, yes or no? Will you do that? (Yes!)

Now from now on, please do not become observers. All of you, please become responsible people, become the owners, have the mentality of the owner so that America, this America that has been blessed—should the Messiah be betrayed three times? Should it be? True Father went to prison in America. True Father strove to save this nation, and in order to save humanity, True Parents came to this nation. However, how did this nation treat them? This nation did not fulfill its responsibility. However, through your paying indemnity, it can be restored. Otherwise your descendants will have more difficulties. You’re the parents of your descendants, and is there any parent who wants their descendants to suffer because they did not fulfill their responsibility? Do you understand me? Will you awaken from today?

There is one last thing I want you all to be aware of. Regarding True Parents’ children, please do not speak of this or that about the True Parents’ Family. Do you understand? The first generation of blessed families, I paid indemnity for you. That is why, to them, they also have a period of growth, they need a period of growth; be patient with them. However, all of you, you have a great brother, an elder brother Hyo Jin Moon and Heung Jin Moon; they are your two proud elder brothers, do you understand? So centering on the True Parents, and by uniting with your elder brothers, Hyo Jin Moon and Heung Jin Moon, then you can move forward, you will be prosperous for tens of thousands of years, do you understand?


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