True Mother’s Address at the Crane’s Club European Kick-off

FFWPU Europe: True Mother’s Address at the Crane’s Club European Kick-off , in Austria Center, Vienna, Austria, on May 10 2014.

True Mother: Did you miss me? How much? I missed you, sincerely, and wished to see how you have grown as healthy and beautiful people. That’s why I called you. Blessed Families could have appeared only by True Parents paying the necessary indemnity conditions. And you were born as Second Generation. You need to understand that your lineage is different. Their lineage is like dirty water, and yours is like pure water. How grateful we should be. It is just beyond our expression of gratitude. That is how precious you are. We are gathered here today, and in your own way, you desire to attend True Parents. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what you do there, you should always know that there are people who could gain new life through you. Become ancestors of reputable families! Become the kind of children whose names I can remember. I wanted to see you to share with you my heart about this. Are you happy about this? I am happy about it too….

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