Togo: Seminar for Second Generations


FFWPU Togo: We held a workshop for Second Generation on Saturday April 18, 2015, in Togo Headquarters church. We had 19 participants, from age 9 to 21 years old. Two of them from primary school, 16 from college and one from university. And they made three group. We had three lectures this time done by three teachers: Flore Antonio, Betty Tchalla, Juste Lakley &Amega Théophile.

Our first lecture was about prayer: what is the prayer? Why to pray? Where to pray? Pray for who? The content of the prayer, attitudes during the prayer, prayer duration, prayers moment, etc.

Our second lecture was about family values. It was important to talk about relations between family’s members, especially parents and children, and the relation among children (brothers and sisters).

Our third lecture was on making sense about witnessing, the tithing, how to serve, and about our responsibility in the God’s Providence at this time.

After this modules presentation children seize the occasion to ask some questions and also had some suggestions.

After 30 minutes of break time, three groups were constitutes to think about the problems they have at school (teachers, school friends, school administration), at home (parents, brothers and sisters) and with neighbors in their living area and to try to find the solutions which can help the providence to move forward.

Followings are the conclusions of their group workshop


  • At school: friendship, boys, teachers disturbed the girls about sexual relations and their refusal cause the mockery, the rejection and the witnessing become hard, then difficult to talk about God.
  • At Home: No much dialogue or communication between parents and children. They don’t be free in their activities because parents are hard and refuse to listen to them. They don’t have enough time to sturdy because of homework. The prayer at home is not in top in some families.
  • Friendship: Most of the time they are talking about bad things in opposite way of principle.
  • Providence: They are not so mature to witness


For the school:

  • Help from the seniors to convey others to follow the principle
  • Organize conference in their schools or college to let people know about the principle
  • Convey teachers, and school boys to not continue to disturb girls

For the home:

  • Parents should establish the good relations between them and their children, to have confidence on their children, help and advise them with good dialogue
  • Parents should know how and when to occupy their children at home
  • To establish the tradition (prayer, HDK, etc.) to let them to become good citizenship.

For the Providence:

  • Help and support from the seniors
  • To let children to make church activities (master sermon, lecture, sermon, witnessing.)
  • To change the theme of the seminars
  • To repeat this meeting to give the opportunity to the children to meet each other.
  • To let children to meet at least twice a month for their training

In conclusion, children have decide to be very active in church activities for the providence. We will continue this seminar on in each 3rd Saturday of the month from 8 a.m to 14 p.m

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