The Las Vegas Family Church members greets True Mother

FFWPU USA: On Monday, May 26, 2015, Unificationists in Las Vegas gave a heartfelt welcome to True Mother after her recent speaking tour in Europe and celebration in New York.

This week, the community is excited to commemorate the Grand Opening of the International Peace Education Center together with True Mother. As one of True Father’s last great works, the center now stands as a profound legacy. It will serve as a hub for peace education, furthering the cause of long lasting world peace.

The sanctification of the building will occur on May 28, 2015 followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 30 that will coincide with the celebration of the True Father 1000-Day Memorial Celebration and Peace Road World bicycle marathon kick-off in Las Vegas.

Hundreds of guests from overseas and across the nation will join the events and share in the dedication. This long awaited moment was made possible by the generous donations from families around the world. With contributions large and small, and numerous prayers, the successful completion of the International Peace Education Center exemplifies the genuine unity, love and sacrificial heart of True Parents and the worldwide Unification family. The local community is excited to share in this historic day alongside True Mother and the Unificationist community around the globe.

Stay tuned for information, updates and a live broadcast of the memorial celebration this Saturday, May 30.­

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