Sun Jin Moon at True Father 1000-Day Memorial Celebration-Las Vegas


True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon 1000 Day Memorial Celebration

May 30, 2015 – International Peace Education Center, Las Vegas Nevada

Introduction to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Sun Jin Moon, International President, FFWPU

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Dear respected elders. Beloved brothers and sisters. We gather today absolutely centered on our Heavenly Parent and our Beloved True Parents.

Thank you very much for joining this special program here at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas.

True Parents have invested their unconditional love, sincere devotion, absolute faith, and entire beings into this city, in hopes that it could be transformed into a heavenly, “shining city.” This magnificent IPEC is a testament to their vision and their hope for America. May it be a beacon of light and revival for the whole world, fulfilling the eternal yearnings of our Heavenly Parent for this country, which Heavenly Parent and True Parents blessed!

Today we honor True Parents’ eternal legacy, and your blessed legacy centered on True Parents.

I am deeply moved and honored to be here with you today.

This program commemorates 1000 days since our True Father’s ascension. Therefore, we gather at this time in honor of our beloved True Father, our hearts filled with the deepest respect, appreciation and love.

Since True Father’s ascension, nearly three years ago, we have been on a dramatic journey, with many challenges, internal and externally, both in our movement and in the wider society. It is as if the whole world was shaken by True Father’s passing. There have been unprecedented grumblings in the natural world that have resulted from humanity’s lack of care and attendance to Mother Nature, and our departure from our divine path. I know that each and every one of you has gone through some pain and suffering, perhaps even doubt, during this time.

Therefore, let us continually give our prayers, love, compassion, and support to all the members of our global family who have been affected by these various challenges. And, let us live our lives centered on the truth, honor our parents in heaven and on earth, and let us make sincere effort to serve and love the whole human family.

Even though we may face an uphill climb, let us all work together to help one another not only to persevere, but to emerge victorious.

Sometimes the challenges of life can seem almost too much to bear. However, if we reflect on the power of love, faith, benevolence, and goodness, we open up to the light. We begin to appreciate heroes among us who, by their example, their vision and their words, show us the way out of the darkness and lead us to the light. They give us hope.

There has been a person in my life who has always inspired me, even in the darkest times; someone who has an unwavering will, a global consciousness, fearless determination, absolute love, and selfless devotion for the sake of humankind. She is my mother and known to one and all as our True Mother. There is no other person on this earth who can match our True Father’s example. Together they are our completed, eternal True Parents.

Despite losing her husband of 52 years, and the father to their 14 children; despite being now in this physical world without the irreplaceable half that makes her whole; and despite losing her one and only true love, True Mother never stops to focus on, or complain about, her own difficulties. On the contrary, she always looks to ease the pain of others, giving out love and hope, and calling us all to embrace the victorious future of “Vision 2020”, Cheon Il Guk, and one family under our Heavenly Parent.

As you know, True Mother has returned from a tour in Europe, honoring 50 years of the Unification Movement, and from a visit to New York. You have seen the reports, but let me say that the unanimous and heartfelt outpouring of love and support for True Mother from European and American brothers and sisters and the “next generations” was profoundly moving, especially from members of the “Cranes Club,” and even from the Ambassadors for Peace who attended True Mother’s speech at the UN Headquarters in Vienna.

I could share many inspiring testimonies about True Mother’s tour, but it would take many hours. And, in any case, this morning I want to try to convey more of the essence of True Mother’s significance and value for our lives.

This is a daunting task.

How does one even begin?

Never in the history of humankind has there ever been a more beautiful, loving, gracious, and compassionate being on earth. True Father has said on many occasions how True Mother’s eternal beauty resides in her loving, faithful and generous heart. He often proudly and lovingly praised her for her grace, her kindness, and her stunning feminine beauty that has brought so much joy to us all.

When I reflect on women throughout history, there is no one who compares with True Mother when it comes to internal and external character. She is without peer. Some may point to Helen of Troy whose mythic beauty caused men to lust and fight. However, if that is the standard for beauty, then it is a sad role model.

True Mother is far removed from such a worldly standard. She sets a standard for true and eternal beauty, as the embodiment of true love. Such true love has the capacity to melt the hearts of humankind, inspiring us to love one another and to work to build a world of peace, joy and prosperity for all of God’s children.

Apart from her physical beauty and elegance, True Mother’s internal value and significance are infinitely great. Thus, we stand here today in the presence of the greatest woman in the history of all humankind. We stand here together attending the absolute example of a true person, who has completed everything. She, in complete unity with our True Father, has given each one of us true love, true life and true lineage.

She absolutely attended True Father for more than 52 years with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. She is the only woman to ever completely fulfill the course of restoration for all womankind. She is absolutely and completely victorious. Together with our beloved True Father, she has liberated all of humankind to receive the Holy Blessing. They have opened up the path for all to achieve salvation and peace.

We stand today in the presence of our Heavenly Parent’s true daughter, a gift of grace, true love, and goodness. She is the absolute standard of a true filial daughter of our Heavenly Parent.

As you know, True Mother is my physical mother, and of course she is the physical mother of my 13 siblings. However, even more importantly, she is our True Mother and, in this respect, she is our source of salvation, our guiding light, our guru, and our queen. She leads us out of darkness, suffering and indemnity, to a world of everlasting peace, true love, and prosperity for all. Let us therefore emulate, honor, and uphold True Parents’ beautiful legacy as true filial sons and daughters of our True Parents.

True Mother taught me two Korean expressions that can lead us to true peace and joy. These are “Kamsahamnida” and “Saranghamnida.” As many of you know, they mean “thank you” and “I love you.” She said if there is anything we should teach future generations, it is to live their lives with this kind of grateful and loving heart. May we strive each day to cultivate such a heart!

I am eternally grateful to True Mother, and all of you here today celebrating this historic moment, and honoring True Father’s unchanging wish and hope for the United States to fulfill its providential responsibility.

Before I say more about True Mother I want to express my deep appreciation to each and every one of you. You, especially the elder members, have lived lives of faithful attendance to True Parents. You have followed in their footsteps and helped pave the way for us to stand today on this victorious foundation in the United States and the world. Even though you often faced prejudice, persecution and opposition you have been victorious, with absolute faith, love and obedience. I am eternally grateful and honored to be here together with you, and to be part of this tour with True Mother. I pray that our Heavenly Parent and our True Father may eternally bless you and your precious families.

Kamsahamnida and Saranghamnida!

I stand before you today with a feeling of deep gratitude and appreciation for our True Mother. Only when we understand our true origin, the beginning of all true life, can we inherit and carry out our duty as filial sons and daughters in honor of our True Parents. Therefore, we must know our true history of true love, true life and true lineage. We must become absolutely one with True Parents and with their sacred words, so that we never lose our way.

In preparing the three holy texts, True Mother distilled the pure essence from more than one thousand volumes of True Parents’ precious words. This is such a great blessing! In Cham Bumo Gyeong, we can directly be linked to the true voice and amalgamated biography of our complete and united True Parents. On that basis, we can sincerely learn from and emulate their complementary, balanced, and harmonious courses in life.

I would like to share, some of that amazing history with you. Please bear in mind this introduction to our True Mother is always bound together with True Father; as True Parents they can never be separated.

Our True Mother has lived her life with a clear vertical attendance to our Heavenly Parent. Her responsiveness to Heavenly Parent’s providential Will has been the constant thread that runs throughout her life. Prior to meeting our True Father, True Mother was nurtured and protected by Heaven. Her mother, Dae Mo Nim, raised True Mother as the only begotten daughter of God, and not simply as her physical daughter. Dae Mo Nim had received guidance from Heaven, telling her that True Mother was to be the bride of the messiah.

Heaven protected our True Mother during the perilous time of Japanese occupation and the rise of North Korean communism, culminating in the Korean War. So many times she could have been killed or prevented from going forward, but she remained under Heaven’s protection.

Then, miracle of miracles, she met True Father. Think about it. True Mother was just a young girl of 16.  How could she, without Heaven’s providential guidance, have had the wisdom and maturity to enter into this relationship at such a young age? Furthermore, knowing True Father’s position, we cannot begin to imagine that his Blessing with True Mother was some coincidence; rather, she is our miracle of salvation. It was heavenly destiny and vertical duty that guided True Mother.

From 1960, True Mother lived day and night with True Father, for over 52 years. Can you imagine living one day with True Father? I heard from many leaders who told me that when Father visited their nation, they could never rest for a moment, and when he departed, they would collapse with exhaustion.

Just imagine True Mother’s situation, in attending True Father without any break over 52 years. When I asked True Mother how she survived and gracefully endured her history of indemnity, she said in her heart and in her soul she always knew her mission; it wasn’t taught to her by any elder. She knew her inner voice. It was Heavenly Parent’s voice and she completely followed it no matter what.

While writing this speech I came to understand more deeply that I am in the presence of a woman who has divinely mastered her mind-body relationship, and fully developed her conscience. She bases every decision on her true love for our Heavenly Parent, her true love for True Father, and her true love for all humanity. I am always in awe of our True Mother and we are so blessed to have her here on earth leading us to Cheon Il Guk!

She is still young and strong. Her health is improving day by day as she keeps a strict schedule of exercise. Her mantra of living for the sake of others, LFSO, includes the goal-set to live Longer, Faster, Stronger, and Onward! Even though I am decades younger than True Mother, I find it hard to keep up with her. She has a divine constitution and is the source of inspiration for us all!

I completely respect our True Mother. She has the full authority of True Parents. She lives in complete harmony with, and shares equal authority with our True Father. They are completely one, and indivisible.

Neither Heavenly Parent nor True Father could fulfill the providence of True Parents without True Mother fulfilling her own portion of responsibility. Just as True Father completed everything, so has True Mother. That is why we can gather here today, blessed and graced by our Heavenly Parent.

It is due to True Parents amazing lives and sacrifice that the True Children could be born. It is due to their devout sacrifice and victory for all humankind that blessed central family members could be reborn and blessed. We have not only inherited the divine word, principles, and blessings from True Parents, we have been elevated and carried to salvation and grace on the wings of True Parents and have been given the chance to be eternal tribal messiahs. We must have a heart of absolute gratitude and love for True Parents! Furthermore, as her physical, and spiritual, children we must study with even more sincerity about our true origin, and unite completely with our True Parents. Only in this way can we fulfill our mission as their true filial sons and daughters.

I will do my very best to attend and serve our True Mother and True Father as one unified couple. I hope that we can all join together as one harmonious family centered on our True Parents. I believe this is the very best way we can honor True Father’s legacy, as well as the legacy all of you are building in your own lives.

Each one of us is here today because of True Parents. They are our absolute origin. Our marriages, our families, our understanding of God’s providence, and even our achievements in life are all indebted to the life, love and sacrifice of True Parents.

True Mother has come to America, and now to Las Vegas, to express her deep love and appreciation to each and every one of you, and to guide us in the way we must go to fulfill our portion of responsibility and achieve all that Heavenly Parent and True Parents have worked for, a nation of cosmic peace and unity, Cheon Il Guk. We are blessed to be in True Mother’s presence and have this opportunity to receive her message.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, please give True Mother your sincere and heartfelt attention as she speaks to us today. Her words are our precious lifeline to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The physical time we have with her is so valuable. True Love is eternal. I know our True Father is with us at each moment. Let us come together as one family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents and honor this eternal legacy! Let us cherish this moment.

With that in mind, I invite you all to rise at this time and give a warm, heartfelt, loving, and powerful Las Vegas welcome to our True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon!!!!


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