Rev. Kevin Scott Winter passed to the Spiritual World

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Stephan Winter: I guess they say its too hard to believe it that they are gone, when a loved one dies, because maybe they aren’t. Dad passed away today, during the time frame i felt he would. last night, especially, i felt he would go, and i prayed for his journey as he discovers a world full of infinite possibilities, for a man who has realized the purpose of creation, who lives for the sake of others. living there is living in the world of love. I have NO doubt he is so happy. he told me, when he almost passed away, he felt nothing but peace! like God was holding him in his arms like a daddy. he loved it. he told me not to worry for him. and now that he is gone, i felt him come to me to make sure i was ok. he is always thinking of others first. I love you dad. and i know you are always here with us.

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Rev. Kathy Rigney: At 1:45 p.m. Central Daylight Time, our precious brother, Kevin Scott Winter passed to the Spiritual World. Kevin was surrounded by his wife Evelyne, his sons, Thomas and Fortune (Stephan is in Africa and on his way to join his family) and his extended family members. He was surrounded by peace and love and went willingly to continue his work on a whole new level.

Even though we will miss him so much, we know he will be happy and successful in his new endeavors in Heaven. Please pray for courage for his precious family and for a smooth transition for Kevin. He was joyful till the end and a true son of Heaven.

Details for Kevin’s Seung Hwa will be announced soon. I know Kevin would very much like to thank everyone for their love and prayers. God bless you all.


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