My Testimony to True Mother

Cranes Club Kick-off  ~ Austria, Vienna – May 10, 2015


A Testimony By Yebuny Hanna: 


Dear True Mother and Sun Jin Nim,

I feel very grateful to be able to share something personally with you today, especially on our European Mother’s Day, on behalf of all of us as 2nd gen here.

Since the day I started school, I can always remember working very hard to get the best grades I could, so that I would get into the best University I could, so that I would get the best job I could and reach my fullest potential. But not so long ago, I realized there was something quite fundamental that I was missing in all of that, something that our True Mother shared a lot about this morning regarding the wild olive tree, and a lesson that I would similarly like to express through the example of the bamboo tree.

As any bamboo farmer will know, once a bamboo seed is planted, nothing happens to it in the first year, nor in the second year, nor even in the third or fourth year. But with enough care and water, finally in the fifth year, the seed suddenly sprouts and shoots up. And in some types of bamboo trees, once the seed sprouts, it grows 4 feet in the first 24 hours – making it the fastest growing tree in the world. What is going on in the first four years is not that the seed is sleeping or failing, but that it is building deep roots.

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Short biography:

My parents, Ron Chandler (British) and Ingeborg Chandler (German) were blessed in 1982 in Madison Square Garden. My mother was a missionary in South America for several years and worked for the New York Times, and my father was involved with Saeilo in both Germany and Korea. I was born in Germany and then lived in Seoul for

3 years, before moving to England where my family and I have lived for the past 20 years. I studied Education with Theology at the University of Cambridge and then became a secondary school teacher in London for 3 years. I got blessed to my husband, Patrick Hanna (British/Korean) in Korea on October 14th, 2009 – he has been doing mission with Second Generation education since 2007. I am currently completing my part-time Masters Course in Educational Leadership at the Institute of Education, whilst working full-time for the European Second Generation Department (ESGD) with my husband. Next year, I am planning to take a job in Coaching and Leadership Training in London, whilst staying connected to ESGD.

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