Let Hope Become a Lighthouse


Crane Club Europe

Let Hope Become a Lighthouse

True Mother

Austria Center, Vienna, Austria, May 10, 2015

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I am glad to see you. You are the first ones to be born as pure water in six thousand years. Do you realize that? Your parents had to go through the providence of restoration so their Marriage Blessings were quite complicated, but that’s not true of you. Do you understand that? You should be grateful for it.

The world is not in its normal state. The desire of the wild olive tree is to become a true olive tree, but a wild olive tree cannot become a true olive tree on its own. The owner must come and engraft it. This is reality. The wild olive tree must deny itself and be engrafted onto the true olive tree, this is the purpose of the Holy Marriage Blessing. Do you understand that?

Human history has been under Satan’s authority until now. That’s why True Parents have opened a new world. How grateful are you? How hard must it have been? It took six thousand years. Human history itself actually took longer but providential history, as recorded in the Bible, took six thousand years. Think about that. For you to focus for one or two years is difficult, isn’t it? How hard must it have been for God? God invested His whole heart in creating human beings, expecting that the next day would be the day that all His hopes and dreams would come true. Yet what happened?

The first humans shattered God’s hope. God gave them the responsibility of a great blessing, but they failed to fulfill their responsibility. God said wait. I will bless the two of you in marriage when the time is right. Until then, your responsibility is to have absolute obedience, to share one heart, one body and one mind-set with Me. If they had fulfilled their responsibility, all would have been well. So why did they become so ambitious before the time was right?

I named this club the Cranes Club. The crane is the national bird of Cheon Il Guk, but everyone should look to the crane’s life as a role model. The crane is the longest living creature in the Orient and receives the most love. Chinese people often talk about dragons but a dragon is an imaginary creature. As you know, the crane is without greed. Sparrows will keep eating even though they are full. Perhaps that is why they are not very big. Yet the crane will always only eat 70 percent of what it can eat, which is why it can fly so high and live so long. You need to become like the crane. Greed is bad in all forms. That is why we emphasize living for the benefit of others.

Many religions around the world talk about love. Nevertheless, no one has taught how to practice this and how to live it. True Parents perfected, completed, and finalized God’s providence of restoration for the first time in six thousand years. You are the result, pure water made through True Parents. If you go where the water is muddy, you have to purify it. You have to purify it with your pure water wherever you go.

I am saying your root is different. Original root! Original root! Your roots are different. If you live life practicing True Parents’ teachings, what will happen to the environment around you? It will become cleaner, and that clean environment will spread wider, and in the end all clans will become one, all tribes will become one and the whole world will become one.

History will show the value and importance of you and your parents, who live in the same era as True Parents. Hence, you have a lot to learn. I began this European tour to meet you and to train good leaders that can bear good fruit. It would be wonderful if you were all able to be in that position, not only for True Parents’ sake but for your tribe and your country’s sake.

Europe has an especially good culture within the Christian providence but lacks purpose. There is no purpose. The start was unclear so they did not know why the Messiah should return nor why the returning Lord should hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christians do not understand. Nobody knew that the true owner, true God, Heavenly Parent, is our parent and owner. True parents taught us that.

The best position to be in to create one world is to situate yourselves where you can closely receive True Parent’s tradition. God is our parent, and if True Parents are the True Parents, you have to know True Parents’ teachings. That is how the world can become one.

I visited Switzerland before coming here. We could not climb the highest mountain there, but I climbed one that was over three thousand meters tall and prayed deeply. There, we met a person who welcomed us because we are Asian and who began to talk with our group. He said he could speak foreign languages, including some Korean. He mentioned that he likes Korean because it is easy to learn. That is true. Many languages do not have a written form. They can speak it, but they have no alphabet. In some countries, people are using hangul as their alphabet. [In October 2013, the London-based Economist magazine reported, “Cia-Cia, an ethnic minority in Indonesia, has adopted hangul to record its Malayo-Polynesian language.”] Hangul is the ideal; it is scientific and can represent any sound.

No Western alphabet is able to render sounds similar to the sounds of animals, but hangul can express them accurately. God prepared this tribe through providential history for a long time in order to send True Parents. You cannot refute this, can you?

Is there anyone who attended the Little Angels performance yesterday or today? Aren’t those children pretty? They have ballet in the West, and True Father founded the Universal Ballet Company, but Eastern dance, Korean dance, has something deep. It tells a story. The more you learn about Korean culture, the more you would say, Wow! Heavenly Parent could not help finding this country called Korea.

Learning comes quickly at your age; if you commit yourselves, it is quick. Many students at Sun Moon University received Wonmo scholarships. They have only been studying Korean for eight months, but they wrote me beautiful letters that overwhelmed me with tears. Think about it. You can do that, can’t you? They were such beautiful letters.

Many second-generation Unificationists from around the world have come to study in Korea. What do you think will happen when they spread out across the world in a year or two? Don’t you all think that the environment within our second generation is narrow? Even if we do nothing we will flourish. We will grow because we have ample nutrition. We know the start and the finish, and we know what the eternal world will be like after living here on earth.

It is not easy to live for more than a hundred years on earth. How old do you think I am? How old am I? I am much older than seventy. How old are you? You look, at most, around forty years old. Are there any brothers or sisters in their forties here? Anyone? Europe is a bit behind. If you think about Hyo Jin, he would already be over fifty. Many in our second generation are over fifty. What do you think the world will be like in fifty years? We will have to change a bit, won’t we?

I was in the middle of talking about cranes. White-naped cranes fly over the Himalayas. The Himalayas are over eight thousand meters high. How can such a small bird do that? Going over four thousand meters is hard, but they fly over eight thousand meters to prepare for winter. The white-naped crane is one type of crane.

Do you know that monarch butterflies only weigh .5 grams? Without a compass, they fly over five thousand kilometers from southern Canada to Mexico to breed and reproduce. Think about it, who taught them how to do that? They did not learn to fly that distance from their parents. How do they know to fly back to their home? They are so small, not even three centimeters. Even with such small bodies, they follow God’s principle of creation. Only human beings erred.

After six thousand years, you are the first to be born without any connection to Satan. Therefore, you have to be different from others. Don’t be influenced by the secular world. You must become clear water that purifies the world. In order to do that, you have to know your original root. In relation to True Parents, you must be filial and loyal like Hyo Jin. In order to follow that path you must study hard, make great effort and develop expertise so you can create the culture of heart.

Your parents are over sixty or seventy years old now. You are our only hope for the future. Would it work for “hope” to wander around instead of becoming like a lighthouse? Small creatures know their path so clearly; you must be better than the monarch butterfly or the white-naped crane. You can learn many things from nature. The natural world that God created did not fall. You must not break the laws of nature.

You have a lot to do starting now. Natural disasters are occurring all around the world now. Recently a volcano erupted in Chile. In Nepal, many casualties resulted due to the recent earthquakes. We have a large church building there, near the capital where the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale occurred. Fortunately, all blessed families were out at a park for a Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Not one person died. Not one was even injured.

This is how God loves us. The Philippines and Japan were like that. Our church buildings and our blessed families were unharmed, except for one pastor who died in the Philippines. He had gone to check on the church building when a hurricane suddenly came. That happened while he was fulfilling his responsibility.

Do you know about Mission Butterfly? Many people sacrificed themselves, but that was necessary indemnity to purify the fallen world. Yes, we have grown these past fifty years. We have planted deep roots, haven’t we? So, you healthy and bright young people need to unite with your parents and take responsibility for True Parents and our Heavenly Parent’s will.

To True Parents, the world’s seven billion people are our children. We are True Parents. I know that you cannot understand some things in the True Parents’ Family. Our children, born of True Parents, also have responsibility, as did Adam and Eve. They are responsible for their own growing process. They have to unite with True Parents. If they cannot do that, they will have failed their responsibility. Tradition centers on True Parents, so before I am their physical parent, I am the True Parent of the world’s seven billion people. Isn’t that right? I follow the way of the Divine Principle, because I am the True Parent. I am not partial to even my own family. You have to understand that.

True Parents never existed in history. Your responsibility is to become a filial son or daughter of True Parents. I prepared this place because I want to embrace all of you as my filial sons and daughters.

(It is hard for you to understand, but because I am over seventy years old, standing too long hurts my knees.) I hope you become a light for the world. When I look at you, I hope that all the world’s people, whether they be in the first or second generation or generations to come, follow your bright light and become people of Cheon Il Guk who are part of True Parents’ providence.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Unification Movement had no foundation. Do you know what True Father said at that time? He likes mountains of course, but he likes the ocean more. Father suffered a lot in Busan in the early days and did a lot of historic work there. Whenever he went by the ports (and they were especially big in Busan and so many large boats came in) he would say to the members, Wait and see; the day is not far off when people from all around the world will come here to see the True Parents. Try to imagine it.

I am building the Cheon Ji Seon Hak Won (Museum) in order to fulfill that desire. It will have the most advanced architecture and a cutting-edge design. People will forever come and enjoy it; they will be able to see it exactly as it is for the next one thousand or even two thousand years. I will use this masterpiece to introduce True Parents to the world.

That is possible in Korean culture. How? Paintings need restoration as time goes by. However, Korea has na jeon chil gi [a jewelry box]. They paint it in various colors, lacquer it and inlay mother of pearl. The lacquer is permanent, lasting a long time. Only Asian cultures have it; only Korea and Japan, but it started in Korea. If we build a masterpiece of that type, many artists and anyone curious will come one by one to see it. I am making a place that people cannot help but visit.

I want you to help me. Please, develop your talents and expertise. Protect your purity. Grow up healthy and beautiful. Become the beautiful fruit of our Unification culture. If you do these things, I will feel so happy to have come and spoken to you. Heavenly Parent has been suffering for six thousand years, wandering around after having lost His and Her children; I am carrying that inside me. I want you to comfort me. Will you do that? [Yes]

Therefore, I will reemphasize that you have to center on your elder brothers Hyo Jin and Heung Jin. Heung Jin went to the spiritual world first. He was the son that went on adventures at such a young age to protect Father during the Cold War. The security guards at East Garden know this story. He was the one that tried more than anyone else did to protect his parents.

During the Cold War, a critical moment arose when Korea could have become a communist country. At that time, Father organized the National Victory over Communism to Express Indignation Rally. The last venue was in Jeolla Province, Korea. Many Unificationists that were praying for the event told Father, It is dangerous! The communists have a plan. Please avoid going to that speech, Father.

However, was Father one to compromise with the world? No, he was not. I will tell you a secret about Father: Whenever he gave a speech, he pinned his necktie like this. On that day, I gave him a diamond necktie pin to wear, and he lost it.

Yet, I do not think Satan was satisfied with a diamond necktie pin. At that moment, in America, Heung Jin was in a car accident. He had the steering wheel so he could have been fine, but he was thinking about the other second-generation Unificationists riding with him, so he turned the wheel the other way. In that single moment, his action killed himself and saved his brothers. Do you understand that?

That is why he is working in the spiritual world as the heavenly commander-in-chief. You have two brothers to be proud of. They could not do everything while on earth. You must be healthy and take on responsibility for all the areas they could not accomplish while alive. You must be a light for the world. You will do that, won’t you? [Yes.] Can I trust you? [Yes.]

What were you the first of to be born as in six thousand years? Pure water. Pure water cannot become muddy water. To prevent your becoming dirty water, you must keep flowing. By “flowing,” I mean, “keep developing.”

Of course, take care of your health, including that of your mind and of your faith. Take care of all aspects. You can do that, can’t you? [Yes.] That’s weak. You can do that, can’t you? [YES!] Okay, I will trust you. Should I stop speaking now? [NO!]

I have an appointment with some Elder Unificationists this evening, the ones that participated in Mission Butterfly and some others who did world mission work. I told them to come so I can treat them to dinner. I am feeling rather tired with such a full schedule today. Nevertheless, you would like it if I spoke more, wouldn’t you?

[Laughter] Ah! The more I look at your faces the more my heart goes soft. I will sing for you. [Applause].

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