Korea-Russia Peace Bridge

FFWPU Russia: On April 23, 2015 at the Eurasian Peace Embassy from 5 to 9 pm peace initiative in the form of the peace bridge of Russian-Korean friendship was held. From Korean side the president of Korean UPF Son Byeong Ho, the ambassador Jeong Tae Ik, General Secretary Song Gwang Seok a total number of 26 people attended the event. From Russian side the president of Eurasian UPF Jin Hwa Chung, Russian Far East Federal University professor Petrovsky, General Secretary of Eurasian UPF Konstantin Krylov, including Second World War and Korea War Veteran Arsenkin a total of 80 people. Altogether 100 people gathered on this conference at evening of culture of heart.

At the opening of the conference the President of the Northeast Continent Chung Jin Hwa greeted Peace Ambassadors from South Korea and gave a welcome address. In the welcoming speech President Chung reflected on the historic relationship between the Korean Peninsula and Russia. Russia and the Korean Peninsula over the period of the last century was the neighbors who maintained exchange with each other. Until the beginning of the Russian-Japanese War about 20 years Russia and Korea held very deep international relationships. Finally President Chung emphasized that the right-wing movement such as democracy and left-wing movement such as communism, both have to merge together centering on Head- wing ideology advocated by True Parents.

After one and half an hour conference the participants could enjoy Russian cultural performance. After serious time of the conference Peace Ambassadors from Korea have been touched by Russian songs and dance performed by ‘Angels of Peace’, concert group of Russian Second Generation children. Korean song “Beautiful world” sounded and warmhearted performance of young boys and girls moved the hearts of audience.

Next, the special event of the evening – Korean-Russian brother–sisterhood ceremony was held. The ceremony was opened by representative couple of the president of Korean UPF Son Byeong Ho and the President of UPF Eurasia Chung Jin Hwa, and then one by one all 26 Peace Ambassadors met brother or sister from side of Russian Peace Ambassadors. After the handshake, hug and gifts exchanging the participants of ceremony received certificates and took photo. Such an event symbolically brought Korea and Russia into unity. People of both counties could become closer to each other in their hearts.

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