Key talking points – True Mother’s Tour in Vienna

During events in Vienna, True Mother spoke in several occasions. Here are the key points of True Mother’s words at the crane club gathering and victory celebration.


At the Crane Club Gathering

  • I missed you. Did you miss me?
  • You are different. Finally, after 6,000 years, you were born as pure water. You exist because of True Parents. Pure water must purify the dirty water; to do so, it must flow, which means witness, testify about True Parents and tell the truth about True Parents.
  • Example of the crane and the monarch butterfly: cranes are not greedy birds. They eat 1/7 of their stomach’s capacity yet they fly above the Himalayas. Monarch butterflies fly 5,000 miles; they go on a journey they did not learn about.
  • We must learn from nature.
  • You need to learn Korean. Many 2nd gens learned Korean in 8 months and wrote me tearful letters.
  • Korean dance and song are elegant and beautiful.
  • Please learn as much as possible and develop your abilities to the fullest extent possible.
  • Please contribute to the task of testifying about True Parents.
  • Do not worry about issues in the True Family. They have their responsibility, which is to unite with True Parents.
  • All second generations must learn from Hyo Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim’s example of filial piety.


At the Victory Celebration Hoondokhae

  • We need to save the environment
  • True Father and True Mother really enjoy climbing the Alps. True Mother offered countless devotion while climbing the Alps.
  • We need to protect the environment – example of ice peaks melting and coral reefs being destroyed.
  • God created nature and nature operates according to laws. When God created nature, it was in an unfallen state. However, humanity has been destroying nature.
  • You need to witness those around you. Please testify about True Parents. If all the brothers and sisters here today testify to those around them, then the tribe, the nation and the world can be restored.
  • True Mother sang Santa Lucia, a song she sang 40 years ago.

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