Heavenly Parent and True Parents Bless Vanuatu

FFWPU/UPF Vanuatu: Service activities continue with great blessing of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents in Vanuatu.

  1. The Oceania Leadership Team arrived in Vanuatu on April 11 and stayed there over three weeks till May 2 2015, serving people all around the Island. A very big thank to all the OLT members, thank you all for your great service work, May our heavenly Parents and True Parents be with you and bless you all at all time.
  1. Centering on UPF and the public relationship, the New Village movement activities continue in Vanuatu by serving the people in this very difficult situation after the typhoon.
  1. Even in this very difficult situation members try to witness while serving them so they had Divine Principle workshop almost in every weekend. So that people could see who True Parents are and know about their teachings.

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