Graduation Ceremony of the Second Japanese Top Gun Workshop

We shall be the valiant who shoulder responsibility for the providential history!

True Parents graced the graduation of the 2nd Japan Top Gun Workshop


Unification Church Japan:  “May you become historical people as you live in the same era with me!”, declared True Mother to the 43 graduating Top Gun trainees at a ceremony held in Cheon Jeong Gung Museum on March 18th. “You know the meaning of TOP GUN, don’t you? Would you like to be the top guns of the new providential era?”, she challenged to the young people.

For the accomplishment of VISION2020, ‘Top Gun Workshops’ were initiated by True Mother in Korea, out of her dedication in the providence and concern for the Unification Family representing the whole world. Japan followed the Korean lead by organizing the first Top Gun Workshop last October.



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43 top guns invited after 43-day field activities

In the second Japanese Top Gun Workshop, the 43 youthful trainees had spent 21 days at the Chiba Training Center, Japan, between January 13th and February 2nd. They studied Divine Principle and True Parents’ courses of mission, listened to messages and testimonies from church leaders and elders, in addition to daily readings of “Cheon Seong Gyeong”, True Parents’ Words of Truth and Love.

During this period, they also paid visits to some holy sites reminiscent of True Father’s days in Japan. Moreover, the trainees underwent heated debates and strenuous lecture practices. They even formed a Top-Gun Committee to discuss about strategic ideas. For the subsequent 43 days, they put the teachings into practice in the field, preparing, at the same time, their minds and attitudes for the eventual encounter with True Parents.

Finally on March 17th, having arrived in Cheongpyeong, Korea, the trainees went up to Cheon Seung Dae’s holy site, where they offered bowings towards the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, praying in gratitude for True Parents’ attention to them. They further prepared their minds of attending True Parents through chorus practice and prayers at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center Jeong Shim Won, reflecting their 43-day activities.

In that evening, during a rehearsal for the graduation ceremony the following day, the trainees could hear advices from Rev. Yeon Cheon Song, Chairman of Japan’s Blessed Families Federation, as well as Rev. Eiji Tokuno, President of HSA-UWC Japan. To everyone’s surprise, they were also visited by Moon Yeon-ah nim, who would help them sort out their hearts of attending True Mother. She responded to their questions and conveyed hearts of her husband Hyojin nim and True Mother.


Long-anticipated encounter with True Father

On a warm spring day of March 18th, the Top Gun candidates were thrilled to find their seats on a bus taking them for the encounter with True Parents, the long-waited moment of their faith. With mixed emotions of longing, regrets and pains for True Father harboring since the day of his Seonghwa, now nearly three years past, they got off the bus and headed to Bon hyang won.

The short sliding path and trees around reminded them with True Father walking here or there, gradually exciting them like infants about to reunify with their parents. At Bon hyang won, they placed bouquets of spring flowers and, with utmost affections, they lined up and bowed.

“True Father! We wanted to see you! Thanks to the Top Gun Workshop, we could understand your great courses of life! We wish we could have appreciated you while you were on earth! We, the second Top Gun trainees, will attend True Mother in order to make True Father’s dream as our own dreams, leading the way towards realizing Cheon Il Guk through VISION2020.” Thus, they dedicated their resolutions.


“Your dreams have come true!”

At 10:30 am in the Banquet Hall of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, the graduation ceremony of the second Japanese Top Gun Workshop began with the personal attendance of True Parents. True Mother had reportedly prepared for quite some time for this occasion which would include a luncheon party. She had directed the kitchen reform, selection of utensils and food menus, even seating arrangement for the beloved future leaders.

As the emcee, Rev. Tokuno opened the ceremony. First, representative trainees presented a bouquet of flowers and offered prayer. Then, a video of the 21-day workshop was screened. Following the progress report and introduction of each trainee, Rev. Song conveyed heaven’s expectation to the Top Gun fellows this way:

“This day, your dream of directly attending True Parents at the Cheon Jeong Gung have come true! This is the moment when you, the second batch of the Top Gun Workshop, make resolution as absolute filial sons and daughters in front of True Parents! As True Mother testified to True Father with her life-or-death resolve, if and when you do likewise in testifying to True Parents with absolute faith, you will see a miracle of the truth being realized!”

Three trainees shared their reflections. Then, with the lead of Zensho Suzuki, the entire trainees expressed their resolutions to True Parents.


Be the second Top Gun trainees to be remembered deep in my heart!”

In response, True Mother spoke the following (excerpts):

“Having longed for becoming True Olive Trees, mankind has awaited True Parents! It is truly a miracle that, after six thousand years, mankind lives in an era when they can hear the terms like ‘True Parents’, ‘Blessed Family’ or ‘True Child’. Knowing that our ancestors died without encountering True Parents, you must feel indeed grateful for the fortune but sorry for your inadequacies.

While you received lots of fortunes, the more you share your gratitude and the fortunes with others, the more they will multiply. If you confine them as your own, no change will occur. The more you share them with true love, the wider your sphere of existence will expand.

Blessed Families were meant to have received Blessing of the positions. They should not remain idol or complacent in their positions, but grow from their fallen state by fulfilling their portions of responsibility.

How can all the Blessed Families and Second-Generation Families take their roots? They must achieve their responsibility as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. It means you must witness. Living alone, you will find yourselves vulnerable to blowing winds. Firmly rooted among your tribes, however, your root will not be removed even by a massive tsunami. Your path for survival is found in the witnessing!”

Referring to her recollections of Hyo jin nim, True Mother said that Hyojin nim, from his childhood, used to utter that “I represent filial piety!” He was determined to safeguard True Parents for himself not by words alone but by his actions.

Mother also explained that while Hyojin nim maintained vertical value standards as he had spent his childhood in Korea, other children who grew up in America are lacking such standards. “Blessed Families and even True Children need the growing periods, in which they fulfill their portions of responsibility.”

She went on to say: “Heavenly Parent and True Parents cannot be replaced by anyone! You all are sons and daughters of True Parents, like Cains and Abels. If you accomplish your responsibility, you will be able to go forward.”

Emphasizing unity with the World President Son Jin Moon to march forward steadily, Mother said: “From now on, I shall succeed the traditions as long as I am alive. Accordingly, you must be united with True Mother and march forward in confidence. You should practice your portions of responsibility!”

In conclusion, True Mother encouraged the trainees by saying: “By the time I will ascend into the Spirit World, I wish that you leave strong impressions on my mind and heart as the second Top Gun graduates.”

Deeply touched by her heartfelt words and profound love, the second-batch Top Gun graduates could spend time to formulate resolutions as the protagonists of True Parents’ Will by growing themselves and fulfill their responsibilities.

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Responding with best dedication to the best treatment

Then, the luncheon party began right away. For this occasion, True Mother had ordered the best lunch menu to the chef of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. Through this experience, the trainees could renew their appreciation for True Parents’ love and expectation to them.

In return, they could show their songs and dances which had been prepared throughout the workshop with their desires of pleasing and encouraging True Parents. They sang two Japanese songs; ‘Furusato (my home town)’ and ‘Space Battleship Yamato’ as well as ‘Song of a Boat’ which True Father had taught to Japanese female members. The trainees also performed their original dances; ‘Bounce’ and ‘Without a Condition’, to the bright smile on Mother’s face.

They sang the last song ‘Saran hae’ describing their longing for True Father and gratitude to True Mother, who momentarily closed her eyes as if connecting her heart with them.

The last performance was offered by the security team at the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. Then, led by a trainee Kimitsugu Usui, everyone cheered Eok Mansei and took photos with True Mother, concluding the three-hour ceremony.

Heaven must be a realm where everyone wishes to be together forever. Likewise, True Mother who had spent days of preparations would not send off the young trainees right away. She allowed them to connect more deeply with the Cheon Jeong Gung through Yunnori game!

Divided into four teams, which were respectively named as One Heart, One Body, One Mind and One Harmony; they competed the matches. One more time, Mother took another commemorative photo with all of them.

Then, she gave souvenirs and some money, saying, “Buy something memorable into eternity!” The trainees drove by bus to a shopping center and purchased colorful outdoor wears, as did the first batch trainees. They took a video of the shopping and presented it to True Parents in gratitude.


Determined to be Top Guns who can shoulder providential tasks

Having spent the greatest moment in their life of faith, the second batch Top Gun candidates could have time together with Rev. and Mrs. Song as well as Rev. Tokuno, who advised them to remember this day’s grace forever!

Mrs. Hae Ok Lee, wife of Rev. Song, suggested: “In order to multiply the blessing you have just received today, please convey them to your spouses and children. Also through ardent prayer, you should empower your spiritual capacity, with which you will overcome any kinds of hardship.”

Rev. Song then stressed: “You have received unforgettable grace of your life time, which you must not drop onto the ground. First, try to digest what you have learnt in the workshop. Then convey it to as many people as possible through your practices. Eventually, develop yourselves as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.”

Afterwards, they discussed their reflections by groups, then wrote individual essays. Late in the evening, respective Top Gun Committees announced their concrete action plans related to VISION2020 for the next six months.

Singing the song of ‘Space Battleship Yamato’ with shared resolve that “If someone has to be responsible for the providence, we shall be!”, the second Top Gun graduates departed to their mission fields.

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M.M (Mie Parish): I realized tremendous expectation for Top Guns!

I could appreciate True Mother’s genuine love to us and her sincere wishes for distributing it to many more people. I understood our serious responsibility and Heaven’s expectations from us for the providential future. At the same time, I felt honored and delighted to receive the vital mission, eager to grow fast and achieve what is expected of me. Regarding True Mother, I used to have an image of a queen, but thanks to this close encounter of hearing her words directly, singing songs in front of her and observing her smiles, I felt she was just like my true mother.


K.C (CARP): I resolved to report a great victory one day!

I felt overwhelmed as I received a mission directly from True Parents. In the most impressive moment when, following the Yunnori game, Mother waved her hand of goodbye on her way out, I thought clearly that I should meet Mother again. As Mrs. Lee mentioned, “True Love makes you eager to meet someone again right after you have separated.” While I was leaving the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum behind, a prayer came out of my mind: “I shall come back here with a great victory!”


I.K (headquarters): A child who responds to Mother’s dedication

I shall remember the facts that True Mother acknowledged me as a Top Gun; she kindly arranged a special environment; and spoke exclusively and intimately to us. As a father, I would like to talk to my children about Mother’s manners, words, even the lunch menu she arranged with particular dedication. As I sang Saranhae, I felt as if I were an infant child to Mother. Just like True Mother pledged to True Father in his late years; “Please count on me (for the fulfillment of the Will)!”, I felt dedicating such a commitment to Mother.


M.H (CARP): I realized True Father’s aspirations at Bon hyang won

We were privileged to pay homage to Bon hyang won. As soon as I began to pray there, Father’s words on ‘True Successors’ sprang out of my mind; “Who will take care of my beloved Heavenly Father? That is my only concern!” Appreciating Father’s strong anticipation to the Top Gun trainees, I had to commit myself to succeeding the traditions properly and to consoling Heaven.


H.D (East Kanagawa Parish): Restoring the heart of an infant child to Mother

This must be the love of True Parents! From the beginning till the last moment, I could feel True Mother’s love with which utmost attention was given without a compromise to every detail. I was deeply moved. Even the taste of the soup was too delicious to forget, thanks to the motherly affection. I was filled with gratitude to Mother who placed trust on the future Top Guns and kept us constantly in her mind. I shall not forget this day in my life time. So delightful and longing for Mother’s love, I felt like one infant child myself.


O.Y (East Tokyo Parish ): Abel must align one’s words with his/her deeds!”

I could appreciate True Mother’s utmost resolve and sense of responsibility as Mother of Mankind. Although what Mother has succeeded from True Father must be beyond my imagination or comprehension, I made up my mind to uphold True Mother who is here to achieve the Will. In accordance with Father’s word: “In order to stand as an Abel, you must align your words with actions”, I realized that my own behaviors would affect the surroundings. I am committed to testifying True Parents substantially.


S.K (East Shizuoka Parish): Mother is indeed True Parent of Mankind!

It was one of my strong realizations this time that Mother is indeed True Parent of Mankind. Apparent through Mother’s each and every word was her strong resolve of accomplishing everything while she is on earth. I was also convinced that Mother was indeed united with Heavenly Parent and True Father, whose hearts I could sense through True Mother. While I was dancing our original number called ‘Without a Condition’, its lyrics and dance made up my mind. I could devote myself totally in the dance, single-mindedly wishing to offer any amount of hope to Mother through my action and soul united. Just like its lyric, I shall march forward unconditionally for the sake of True Parents.


S.S (Hyogo Parish): I wish to become a filial son like Hyojin nim!

True Mother’s references to Hyojin nim impressed me the most. I understood that Hyojin nim loved and attended True Parents all the time. Mother appreciated his personality as such, though she expressed her feelings rather modestly. Like Hyojin nim, I wish to become a child who would be devoted to living for Mother. She must be awaiting such children.

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