European Original Substance Divine Principle Workshop


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FFWPU Albania: We would like to share with you briefly about the Original Substance of Divine Principle Workshop which was organized in Training Center of Albanian Movement from May 1–7 2015.

This workshop was organized by the European STF and 25 Albanian brothers and sisters could join. The lectures were given by the well-known elder brothers and leaders of our European Movement, Mr. Reiner Fuchs, east regional leaders and European lecturer, and Mr. Giuseppe Cali, national leader of Italy. Even though they both had so much work to do specially the preparation for True Mother’s visit in Europe, they offered themselves completely in order to share their hearts and True Parents’ hearts with brothers and sisters.

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There were 60 participants in total: 35 STF members and staff and 25 Albanian members. We could feel there was so much gratitude and heavenly love during the whole workshop and many brothers and sisters had deep realizations and spiritual experiences.

Also, since almost all the participants will attend True Mother’s tour in Europe, there could be no better preparations than listening to the Original Substance of Divine Principle lectures.

The schedule went very smoothly, coordinated by the STF Director Songjong Choi, MC-ed by Deborah Cali and assisted by other STF staff and Albanian staff members.

We truly hope that all brothers and sisters who attended the workshop will feel much more confident and truly become owners of Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ dream of building one world family centered of our True Parents.

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Since many Albanian brothers and sisters wanted to attend the workshop, but we couldn’t allow more than 25, we are planning to hold another Original Substance of Divine Principle workshop within this year so that many brothers and sisters can attend.

We would like to thank STF staff and all STF members who have been witnessing and investing their hearts to witness to young people in 5 communities in Albania and Kosovo. We truly hope they will be able to find their original relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents through this year of total devotion.

Also we would like to thank all Albanian Community Leaders and those brothers and sisters who attended this workshop and contributed in making it a beautiful offering in front of Heavenly Parent and True Parents before traveling to Vienna to welcome our True Parents.

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