ETHIOPIA: International Day of Family

“MEN IN CHARGE? Gender Equality and Children’s rights in Contemporary Families.”


FFWPU ETHIOPIA: On the occasion of International Day of Family, we hold an event on May 17 with our young Peace Ambassadors and some guests in our headquarters. All together 12 people participated.

Rev. Simon Amare first presented a UPF PowerPoint presentation on the “Family is the school of love and cornerstone for Peace.”

He said that the family is the starting point of life and all human beings. No one would exist without a family, however the family should be centered on God so we can establish Ideal families on earth.

But human fall has destroyed God’s Ideal of Love that is why the world is full of confusion and conflicts starting within families.

Hence, the Blessing Ministry of our Founders is to re-establish God centered families filled with UNCONDITIONAL AND TRUE LOVE. This is the way to change the world into a beautiful and ideal world.

Ambassador for Peace, Chaplain Getachew then gave some internal guidance. He is married more than 20 years and has 2 children.

He explained we should marry in order to resemble God because He created us male and female. He also mentioned he loves too much the teachings of Father Moon regarding the owners of sexual organs, that husband and wife are owners of their sexual organs. This is absolute truth.

He, then, gave some guidance on when and how to marry. He said most of young people are waiting for financial situation to marry but by waiting too much, they are wasting time and money. And second, he also added that a person wishing to marry should pray and ask for God’s guidance to find a partner. Marriage needs an internal preparation.

Mrs. Happiness Amare gave a testimony about her matching process and blessing and her family life in ETHIOPIA.

She advised the unmarried participants to make an internal preparation before deciding to marry because marriage is not only our personal affairs but also God Himself come to marry us in the sacred institution. As an example she mentioned that before receiving blessing she prayed: “God let me marry your son.” By saying this, she meant we should not be self-centered but God centered for God knows us more than ourselves.

She, then, explained that Ethiopian people are so kind and warm towards not only her but also to strangers in general. She added her in-law are very loving and caring her and it is very important to embrace all surroundings and siblings. She now feels as if she is in her home town.


Reflections from participants:

  • “The main factor why the young people are not eager to marry is the financial situation and this is so depriving.”
  • “I, and we all, want to marry but the question that comes often to our mind is whom to marry? We are expecting the soul mate but it seems to me that there should be no barriers to marriage according to what I learnt today here.”
  • “It is true we are waiting for the ideal mate but I have been learning here that we got to become the ideal person so we can find our ideal partner and not waiting for the ideal partner.”
  • “I am married for 2 years and during this period my husband and I have faced and overcome all kinds of barriers to get married because we have given priority to love and Love is the most fundamental thing in marriage, I believe.”
  • “I have a partner and we, both, wish to marry but our religious backgrounds (specially our both families) are holding us from this step and we are frustrated. However, I have to say we are very thankful to your teachings today and I think I am inspired. We pray for you all to remain blessed For making our viewpoint and lives to change. Remain Blessed!”


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