Celebrating 50 Years of the Unification Movement in Europe

FFWPU Europe: Here is the full video of the event “Celebrating 50 Years of the Unification Movement in Europe” which was held in Vienna on May 10, 2015.



[0:01:49]  Pre-program, Music

[0:04:38]  Video 50 Years of the Unification Movement in Europe (video 1)

[0:16:26]  Opening Remarks by MC, Jack Corley

[0:17:13]  Cheon Il Guk Anthem, Opening Prayer

[0:16:26]  Welcoming address, Rev. Young-shik An

[0:16:26]  Congratulatory Address – Wener Fasslabend

[0:16:26]  Congratulatory Address – Ursula King

[0:44:19]  Congratulatory Song: Mrs. Kaeko Onoda

[0:48:32]  Introduction of True Parents (video 2)

[1:08:36]  Summary of True Parents’ Words (video 3)

[1:23:53]  True Parents Entrance

[1:27:05]  True Parents Introduction by Sun-jin Moon, International President, FFWPU

[1:23:53]  True Parents main Address, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

[1:58:59]  History Book 50 Years UC Europe Presentation

[2:00:34]  Six Countries Offering Gifts Presentation

[2:04:02]  Award Ceremony – CIG Emissaries

[2:05:02]  Youth Awards

[2:06:35]  Elders with 40 to 50 years of Mission

[2:09:33]  Mission Butterfly

[2:10:47]  European Pioneers during Communism Awards

[2:12:17]  1975 missionaries, pioneers sent to the world

[2:16:45]  Cake Cutting

[2:18:39]  Toast for Victory and New Determination

[2:22:15]  Banquet and Entertainment, Cranes Piano Quartet

[2:23:52]  Little Angels Performance at Banquet

[2:42:40]  Group picture

[2:44:34]  Eog Mansei


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