USA: Ringing in Spring with Outreach

FFWPU USA: As we approached Easter, communities around the nation felt the call to reach out in faith to family, friends and the local religious community. Below are three heartwarming stories about connecting, inspiring and serving from the East Coast to the West.­


The Interfaith Community Center in Kissimmee, Florida held their first outreach activity as a new FFWPU church plant on March 28, 2015.

Rev. Jeddie King and Rev. Elma King, along with Rev. Victorine Souck, Minister Chris Parks and Gertrude Stallon prepared a table with food, clothing and various gifts that had been donated by the community. With matching shirts that read, “Our True Parents“ on the front, and a picture of True Father and True Mother on the back, the team went out to greet, show their love and serve the people in the community together with their family and friends.

Some people began arriving at 7:30am and even helped with the preparations. Many of the people who came were so grateful for the services being provided. They were thankful for the donations of food and clothing, and were happy to talk about the community. One woman even insisted on giving a donation, even though all of the items were provided for free.

The team continued their activities the next day, beginning early in the morning with a prayer and reading together before people arrived. Dee Gumbs, a friend who has been studying and reading the Divine Principle, visited the Kings early that morning. They sat and talked with her about her questions and it turned into an impromptu Divine Principle lecture. Afterward, she donated to the building fund and helped to set up and package more bags of food.

At the end of the day, the Kings delivered food and other items to some people in the community that they knew. Chris Parks, a young Unificationist minister from Orlando who came up to help for the weekend, was so inspired by the activity that he pledged to help again with the next program. The weekend was a great success, and the community plans to do this kind of outreach every fifth Saturday. “This is our way to get to know the people in our community. The people are happy to have such a wonderful service in their community, and look forward to us building something together,” said Elma. Read More

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