USA: National 40-Day Prayer Condition to Welcome True Parents!

FFWPU USA: On Saturday, May 23, 2015 all are invited to Hoon Dok Hwe (Study of Scripture) at East Garden; and on Sunday, May 24, we will celebrate Sunday Service at the Manhattan Center in New York. Right after that, True Mother will travel to Las Vegas in preparation for a special observance of the 1000th Day since True Father’s ascension, Saturday, May 30, 2015. On that day, we will also hold the grand opening of the International Peace Education Center, True Father’s last great physical project on earth.

In 1973 when America was going through the Watergate Crisis, True Parents called on America to Forgive, Love and Unite, and to pray for 40 days for God’s grace. In an appeal published nationwide, True Father said:

“I have declared the next 40 days as a period of prayer and fasting by our members all over the world. In this we are determined to awaken our nation to this national emergency … Yet, this is also a great opportunity for America, an opportunity in which the American people can demonstrate America’s true greatness in faith and courage. Historically, great peoples have proved their greatness not during normal situations but in crises.”

Join us in a nationwide 40 day prayer to prepare America for True Mother’s return! Let us all pray for God’s renewed guidance, grace and mercy in our lives! Read More


40 day prayer period: Monday, April 13 to Friday, May 22, 2015


April 13, 2015

“Why did God have no choice other than to establish the principle of living for the sake of others? I shall elaborate on this question. Let’s say you owed a favor to someone who was truly devoted to you. In that case, would you wish to pay back only fifty percent, or would you wish to pay back more than one hundred percent of what you owed? What would your original nature want to do in this case? Without a doubt, your original mind would desire to pay back more than one hundred percent. Because we have an original mind and can follow it, it is possible for us to be saved.

You need to know the reason why God, the King of wisdom, had no choice but to establish this principle of living for the sake of others. When living for the sake of others, you live eternally and you also prosper. And thereupon you can develop and grow. When you owe a favor, you pay it back, and it is utterly impossible to pay back just exactly what you owe. Your original mind desires to pay back more and spurs you on to truly devote your life to do so. You need to know that it is because you have such a heart that you can go to the kingdom of heaven.”

-True Father, Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, 75­



April 14, 2015

“A group that walks a path for the sake of others on a higher level is exemplary; therefore it can last eternally and prosper, become the center of its environment, and thus come to have authority automatically. You need to know that, from that place, one can possess the eternal love and eternal ideal that come from Heaven. That is the formula for the husband to live for his wife, for the wife to live for her husband, for the parents to live for their children, and for the family to live for the tribe.

In this way we find the one formula that can encompass the view of life for the individual, the nation, the universe, and even the view of life for God. It is the ideal for the family to live for the tribe, for the tribe to live for the people, for the people to live for the nation, for the nation to live for the world, for the world to live for God, and for God to live for us. Only when you are able to say, ‘The great God and the love of the great God exist for me,’ can peace, happiness, ideals and true love be realized.”

-True Father, Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, 79

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