USA: Leaders Inspire and Teach Each Other in Las Vegas


FFWPU USA: On April 13 – 15, 2015, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) USA district pastors and local representatives met in Las Vegas for a leaders’ conference, an initiative of Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Chair of FFWPU North America, to follow up and reconnect after the Cheon Il Guk International Leaders’ Assembly in Korea last month.

Sixty people, including district pastors, leaders of affiliate organizations and Itinerary Workers for the United States, met in the Las Vegas Family Church for two days of meeting sessions, question and answer opportunities and sharing of best practices. They also had the chance to sightsee at the Red Rock Canyon and go on a tour of the International Peace Education Center.

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Rev. Ken Doo, pastor of the Las Vegas Family Church, opened the first full day of the meeting in prayer, after which all of the attendants then gave a brief introduction. Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of FFWPU USA, brought the focus of the meeting to the national level, describing the purpose of their gathering as an opportunity to unite with True Mother before her arrival in Las Vegas in May. He encouraged everyone to open their eyes to new inspiration, clarity and focus about the top priorities for America, and recommit as representatives of this nation.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim then gave an opening greeting and shared a message of guidance with the group. He began by thanking everyone for taking this opportunity to meet, and described True Mother’s constant concern for the families of America. He encouraged the leaders to consider their own situation and ask themselves, “Do I have the inspiration and power to make a difference, or do I feel powerless?” He pointed out the today’s technology allows for so much connection, but when we see each other face to face is when we really connect and change begins to happen.

The leaders’ meeting presented many opportunities to ask questions and discuss, and as national Director of Evangelism, Demian Dunkley, said, the theme of the meeting was not about having a lot of presentations, but looking for the story of God working in everyone’s lives, and inspiring and teaching each other.

After the first question and answer session, during which questions were posed to Dr. Kim and Dr. Balcomb, itinerary Workers Richard Buessing, Larry Krishnek and Mr. Hiroshi Inose gave presentations and FFWPU Vice Presidents Miilhan Stephens and Mari Curry, as well as pastor of the Dallas Family Church, Rev. John Jackson, shared highlights and testimonies about the International Leaders’ Assembly in Korea.

Rev. Jackson testified to the power of kindness, even in professional settings. “People from all over the world are still sending me ‘thank you’ notes,” he shared, praising the idea and encouragement that he had received to connect with international leaders with small gestures of kindness, such as buying them a coffee or offering them souvenirs from America. Read More

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