USA: Boomers to Mentor Millennials at Barrytown

FFWPU USA: The Barrytown campus of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) hosted a first-time ever conference on April 17-19 aimed at helping 60 or more Unificationist-born young adults succeed at career and family, according to organizers.

Launched under the banner of “Project Fusion,” the idea came out of a conversation between a group of elder Unificationists, including veterans of the American Freedom Coalition, and some young adult professionals looking to take initiative in their communities.

“A group of distinguished Unificationists from the group, Origins Partnership, a 501 3c educational nonprofit, were looking to contribute to their communities, and some of my peers and I recognized the need to collaborate to provide support and mentoring for ourselves and younger generations,” said Mr. Jin Kwon Kim, 36, who helped plan the conference at Barrytown.” He added, “When we polled a group of younger Unificationists on what they were looking for, the top of the list of their priorities were: career development, family life and making a difference in the world. We asked ourselves how we could engage our community to be successful in these areas and from there Project Fusion emerged.”

Dr. Hugh Spurgin, President of UTS, welcomes the increased use of the Barrytown campus for networking events, career development and thought leadership. “In its 40th year of operation, the Unification Theological Seminary was proud to host Project Fusion, an exciting experiment in intergenerational nurture. The presenters and those who came to take notes are among the best and the brightest of each generation,” he said. “We urge all those coming to save the date of Saturday, May 23rd, for UTS graduation ceremonies at Barrytown for undergraduate and graduate students.  More networking opportunities will be there.” Read More

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